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HELP! Going on holiday Monday but can't fit the Isofix!

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BadgerBadger Sat 09-Jul-05 18:22:51

Can anyone describe to me how to fit an Isofix car seat into an X reg Laguna?

Just received it this week in the post, went to fit it today but can't make it out and we're driving from Manchester to Poole in the early hours of monday morning.

Any tips greatly appreciated .

misdee Sat 09-Jul-05 18:23:38

does the x-reg have isofix?

BadgerBadger Sat 09-Jul-05 18:25:17

Sorry, I should have been more specific.

I've foumd the Isofix rings in the car, I understand the instructions wiyh the seat. The problem is that the rings seem to be behind the fabric in the car. It looks aa though to attatch the seat to the rings, we'd have to go through the fabric?

misdee Sat 09-Jul-05 18:27:02

yes, there should be little slits in the fabric taht u can fit the car seat to the bars with.

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 18:27:26

They shouldn't be behind any fabric. Presumably you have the type that are fitted between back of seat and base of seat?

Hmmm - how about taking car into a dealers tomorrow morning, or a baby shop (small independent ones seem much better than Mothercare) that sells an Isofix?

Trying to think - never known them to be behind fabric.

BadgerBadger Sat 09-Jul-05 18:28:10

Yes, it does. I've found the rings (on one side at least!) But can't see how to breach the fabric of the car? The rings are well hidden. I wonder if Halfords might be able to fit it if I call them in the morning! Thanks Misdee.

misdee Sat 09-Jul-05 18:29:07

mine are behind the fabric hulababy. i checked the last time we used the car.

BadgerBadger Sat 09-Jul-05 18:29:11

Right, I'll see if I can find some slits . Back in a mo....

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 18:30:49

Is it definitely an Isofix ring you have found?

According to Britax site Lagunas have had them fitted since Jan 2001.

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 18:32:16

Oh right. Ours have never been. Corrected. the newer ones are great as they are right on the seat back - no fiddling under the seats. Makes it easier. DH has that type on his car. I have the other type.

misdee Sat 09-Jul-05 18:32:27

i know isofix was just about becomign standard in 01. thas why i asked.

BadgerBadger Sat 09-Jul-05 18:33:51

Definitely an Isofix ring apart from anything, there's a tab on the upholstery saying 'ISOFIX'! Mind you, I think I need not only a tab, but a big red arrow too!

Right, there are no slits, but there are holes in the foam between the rings and fabric. I have a vague idea that slits are made in the fabric upon first use of the car seat? Could make sense....if not, I'll be out there with a needle and thread 'till all hours .

Thanks so much for your help!

misdee Sat 09-Jul-05 18:35:19

do the isofix arms just slot under the back of the seat?

BadgerBadger Sat 09-Jul-05 18:37:46

No because of the way the seat bottoms slope up a bit to meet the seat backs about a couple of inches above the seat (urgh! Did that make any sense at all?!)

It means the bars of the car seat have to go through the back of the seat bottoms...

misdee Sat 09-Jul-05 18:39:55

hmmmmmmm no idea lol.

try halfords.

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 18:40:11

Just remembers something. Did you get two plastic buts with your seat? They go up and under the seat back. They then hook on the rings. They hold the fabric out of the way a bit. The isofix things on the seat then go through the larger holes in the plastic bits - guiding them onto the metal rings.

BadgerBadger Sat 09-Jul-05 18:42:48

No, no butts!

Thanks so much for your help Misdee and Hula, I'll have one last fiddle, then resort to Halfords in the morning!

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 18:56:58

I think you need the plastic bits. That is the only way I can fit DD's seat in my Beetle. Without them the isofix fittings on the car seat can't access the rings.

Which isofix chair is it?

LIZS Sat 09-Jul-05 19:18:55

Think on our 2001 Scenic 4*4 there is a narrow strip which should pull aside just above where the seat meets the back rest, exposing the Isofix (not that we've ever got around to using it)

Blossomhill Sat 09-Jul-05 19:28:40

What is an isofix?

LIZS Sat 09-Jul-05 19:34:29

Just found this in a review, not sure it is much help for you atm though!

"2.Back to the isofix fittings. For those of you who don't know this means that a child car seat with isofix fittings can be securely attached to the car insuring the seat is always correctly fitted. We chose a seat, but when we tried to fit it the isofix fittings were not in evidence. A trip to our Renault dealer revealed that Renault had placed the fittings behind the upolstory! In order to expose them the seat covers would have to be unstitched! They did promise us that the covers could be re-stitched at a later date. We bought a different seat! "

Hulababy Sat 09-Jul-05 19:35:37

BH - it is a rigid fitting for car seats.. Makes it vurtually impossible to put a car seat in wrong - one of the major problems with normal car seats. They are pretty much the only car seats that ever score well in Which surveys.

BadgerBadger Sat 09-Jul-05 22:26:39

LIZS, that's the conclusion I had come to. It's just that it seemed a bit too ridiculous to be true! Out with the scissors then

Thanks all

Janh Sat 09-Jul-05 22:28:07

Blimey! I thought the Isofix thing was supposed to be quick, secure and easy

BadgerBadger Sat 09-Jul-05 22:43:27

Janh, me too. It's not really the poor car seat's fault though, I think I should take this as another reminder not to buy Renaults!

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