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Please help identify mystery insect

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astonished Sat 09-Jul-05 17:41:09

Hi people am mystified. We seem to have some rather large orange and brown striped flying things in our garden. Probably about 1 and a half inches long with a sting at least a cm long. It doesn't have dragonfly type wings but doesn't look like a hornet either. Am a little concerned as have found two in the last couple of days in the paddling pool and the sting is definately massive. Sound familiar to anyone??

Nbg Sat 09-Jul-05 17:46:47

Are you sure it's not a Hornet?

They have big stings on them.

WigWamBam Sat 09-Jul-05 17:47:29

I don't know what it is but we've had some recently too and the sting is enormous! Definitely one to keep away from, whatever it is.

astonished Sat 09-Jul-05 17:50:46

I don't think it looks like a hornet mainly because the pictures I've seen on the net they seem to have similar markings to wasps and this definately doesn't, unless there are several types of hornets?

WigWamBam Sat 09-Jul-05 17:53:55

If it's the same as the ones I've seen it's definitely not a hornet.

giraffeski Sat 09-Jul-05 17:59:58

Message withdrawn

Janh Sat 09-Jul-05 18:30:42

Is it a wood wasp?

The long thing is for laying eggs, not stinging - it's scary but harmless.

Janh Sat 09-Jul-05 18:32:53

this is it from giraffeski's link.

NB It isn't a wasp at all, just looks like one

WigWamBam Sat 09-Jul-05 18:34:34

That one's not the one I've seen. Mine has a long, curved sting that puts me in mind of a scorpion's.

noddyholder Sat 09-Jul-05 18:35:45

I am running in the opposite direction as we speak those things are weird

Janh Sat 09-Jul-05 18:36:10

Wasps and bees keep their stings inside unless they're using them though, don't they?

WigWamBam Sat 09-Jul-05 18:41:57

I don't know about astonished, but I don't think mine is a wasp or a bee.

astonished Sun 10-Jul-05 12:40:23

Thanks people it is indeed a wood wasp,no need to be scared then

WigWamBam Sun 10-Jul-05 13:21:05

What the dickens is mine, then?

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