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Painting Ikea furniture??

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Nimme Fri 08-Jul-05 14:15:19

I have a "lovely" dark brown Billy bookcase with glass doors. I was thinking of revamping it. Has anyone ever painted one of these - and with what results?

Nimme Fri 08-Jul-05 20:34:22

bumping this into rush hour

marthamoo Fri 08-Jul-05 20:36:58

What's it made of?

You can get special paint for painting kitchen cabinets - that, afaik, doesn't require much by way of sanding down to key it. I guess that would work if it's veneer.

Blimmin' faffy to paint round glass doors - get some masking tape.

Nimme Fri 08-Jul-05 20:40:17

It's good veneer/plastic finish so sanding etc not an option. Would need to slap paint on so to speak - and pray it doesn't slide right off. Do you know of any paint?

Have had this sitting in cellar for months and need something for storing glue, glitter etc - that is well within my eyesight!!

LIZS Fri 08-Jul-05 21:14:31

Don't know if it really works but think you can get special all surface primer. We've got some Billy's too so can you let us know !

hunkermunker Fri 08-Jul-05 21:16:35

You can get a primer for this - called ESP (I think) - from B&Q for sure and probably everywhere else.

marthamoo Fri 08-Jul-05 21:18:10

is this of any use?

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