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Liz's Birthday Gongs

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jodee Sat 14-Jun-03 08:16:55

Don't know what folk think of OBEs and the like, but it was about time Roger Moore was recognised more fully for his work for UNICEF and knighted.
Not so sure about Beckham's 'services to football' OBE! And 'Dame' Anita Roddick sounds very odd...

WideWebWitch Sat 14-Jun-03 09:43:03

I think Beckham deserves his, just for services to womankind Didn't know about Anita Roddick but she deserves one IMO. I read something she'd written recently which said something like 'imagine the cost to industry if employees hadn't been potty trained.'

codswallop Sat 14-Jun-03 09:44:17

and helen mirren! Labour supporter

codswallop Sat 14-Jun-03 09:44:37

I deserve one for servisec to breast feeding against all odds

WideWebWitch Sat 14-Jun-03 09:54:37

I didn't know who was on it so I looked it up. This isn't a full list, just an article but sweet that a Scottish tea lady got one!

winnie1 Sat 14-Jun-03 10:11:33

Definately agree that Anita Roddick deserves it but wonder what her response was to receiving it!
Also, reluctantly agree that David Beckham deserves the recognition that he has done much thats promoted Britian (and football) in a good light. Roger Moore was on Radio4 this morning talking about Unicef and what he said stopped me in my tracks. Thank goodness there are people out there using their fame and status to do good.
Would like to add I usually find this entire honouring people thing sycophantic nonsense... maybe I am mellowing in my old age!

SamboM Sat 14-Jun-03 12:03:55

What about Gerard Houlier? What's he done to deserve an honour? Services to winning most mickey mouse cups in a season? Sympathy vote cos he was ill? I don't know!

pie Sat 14-Jun-03 12:16:03

Jamie Oliver an MBE....ya wot mate????

Anyone else think that the title of this thread sounds like the name of a Saturday night home video show on ITV

pie Sat 14-Jun-03 12:18:52

Oh, apparantly Jamie's honor is for that resturant thing he did with the unemployed folks.

And for you winnie1:

Body Shop founder Anita Roddick said she hoped becoming a Dame would make her "even more radical".

"The honour will mean nothing unless it pushes me on," she said.

Tinker Sat 14-Jun-03 19:48:30

NO objection to Gerard Houllier getting one. Makes up for the knighthoods that Shankly and Paisley didn't get, and that horrible Ferguson did.

Claireandrich Sat 14-Jun-03 21:25:41

Jamie Oliver's is definitely for his charity work with Fifteen, their restaurant. It is an ongoing charity taking on 15 new trainees every year. Seems more deserving than some!!! And at least he was excited and chuffed with his.

Bossanova Sat 14-Jun-03 23:45:02

I agree with the general idea of people getting recognition, but what I really hate is the whole way it is so class based. The plebs like dinner ladies, minor celebs etc get MBEs, well known celebs get OBEs and licky licky brown nose high ranking civil servants/service personnel etc get knighthoods. It's so 'know your place'. If I ever get offered anything (unlikely!) it will be 'thanks but no thanks'.

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