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Hi Sparklymieow

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Evesmama Thu 07-Jul-05 22:48:06

did you get the boxes????i sent them over a week ago, just hoping you got em ok???

sparklymieow Thu 07-Jul-05 22:50:43

Yes, thanks, haven't set them up as my house is a bit upside down atm, with us sorting out all the cr*p before we move......

Evesmama Thu 07-Jul-05 22:51:58

oh good

hows your move going??thought it was gunna be november??or have i missed something not being on so much???

sparklymieow Thu 07-Jul-05 22:57:15

it is oct-dec but we are sorting out all the rubbish slowly, threw out 5 bags last week, just want to be clear of cr*p before we go...

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