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To the woman who's husband brought me home from aldgate

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horseshoe Thu 07-Jul-05 15:30:27

I dont even know if you use this site but seeing as you have 2 kids I just wanted to say Thank you should you read this...Seeing it on the news really did bring it home

I hope all of your friends are brother still has not been in contact so we are just holding out to hear from him.....

Norash Thu 07-Jul-05 15:48:02

Horseshoe hope you here from your brother soon and that he is safe. My brother just got home and my Hubby is on his way from the city.

Fimbo Thu 07-Jul-05 15:49:38

Hope you hear good news soon Horseshoe.

coppertop Thu 07-Jul-05 15:57:13

Fingers crossed that you get some good news soon. xx

swiperfox Thu 07-Jul-05 15:59:56

Really hope you hear some good news soon Horseshoe. (((((((((hugs))))))))))))))

Puff Thu 07-Jul-05 16:00:30

keeping fingers crossed for you horseshoe xx

mishmash Thu 07-Jul-05 16:02:12

Glad you are home safe and sound Horseshoe - it must have been an a nightmare. Hope you get over it ok.

mishmash Thu 07-Jul-05 16:02:57

And meant to say - hope your brother is ok too - it must be chaos.

Norash Thu 07-Jul-05 23:53:32

Horseshoe I know it's late and maybe you are in bed, but I hope your brother is safe .

hunkermunker Fri 08-Jul-05 00:51:03

Horseshoe, hoping hard here too xxxxxx

HappyHuggy Fri 08-Jul-05 00:59:31

Am thinking of you horseshoe

horseshoe Fri 08-Jul-05 08:13:51

Thanks for you well wishes .....Brother got in about 8pm last night...he was so worried and had been trying to contact me as I work at Aldgate and was on the train behind the bombed one.....Only missed the other as I stopped off to buy a paper.....Of ourse the phones were down and there were many injured that were unable to call home which must have been awful...

I wish I had got this ladies phone number and in the rush of it all didn't even catch her name...but her husband kindly drove me home.

hunkermunker Fri 08-Jul-05 10:23:40

Thank goodness, Horseshoe!

Puff Fri 08-Jul-05 10:46:40

So glad you had good news of your brother .

Norash Fri 08-Jul-05 10:52:55

Horseshoe, glad that all is well

sorrel Fri 08-Jul-05 11:17:45

horse shoe. i am so glad your brother is ok. We had a difficult few hours here as BIL was missing for a while. Can't imagine how awful it was waiting all day for news. Best wishes and hugs.

joash Fri 08-Jul-05 11:35:19

Horseshoe - so glad you and your brother are okay, {{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}

MINNIE1 Fri 08-Jul-05 12:23:32


So glas all is well with you and your brother.

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