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Money for Misdee/Peter

(6 Posts)
crunchie Thu 07-Jul-05 13:45:06

I can't find thios thread and I want to donate. WHERE IS IT!!

kid Thu 07-Jul-05 13:45:28

misdee asked us not to bump it for today.

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 13:45:44

its under health, but have requested that it doesnt get bumped today.

QueenOfQuotes Thu 07-Jul-05 13:46:17

crunchie - she's asked for us not to bump it today.

but here's the link\{\link} to the post so you can find the email address

crunchie Thu 07-Jul-05 13:53:27

Midee am I right that you are WGC??

My parents are in Hatfield and maybe able to help you in some small way.

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 13:54:19

yes i am.

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