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Gina Ford recommends Mumsnet!

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marthamoo Thu 07-Jul-05 09:44:30

Nah...not really

But naughty Red magazine (August edition) have made it look like she did! They have an article "Where it's @ on the web" where they have asked eight 'experts' for their favourite websites. Gina Ford actually recommends the NSPCC's website but in her section is "Also Worth a Look" where Mumsnet is listed.

We are described as having "loads of honest tips from mums for mums, plus chatrooms where you can share your experience with others who have been there..."

tiredemma Thu 07-Jul-05 09:46:12

"and cyberfight over whether or not my ideas work...."

popsycal Thu 07-Jul-05 10:09:33


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