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really funny

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whymummy Fri 13-Jun-03 12:29:42

have a look at this

M2T Fri 13-Jun-03 12:33:05

Doesn't work WM!

whymummy Fri 13-Jun-03 12:33:26

ok i`m rubish at links
try this then

Holly02 Fri 13-Jun-03 12:39:41

Excellent Whymummy

M2T Fri 13-Jun-03 12:40:25


whymummy Fri 13-Jun-03 12:53:35

sooooooooooooo true
i`ve just send it to my sister she`s pregnant with her first baby

SamboM Fri 13-Jun-03 12:54:01

That really did make me cry laughing!

M2T Fri 13-Jun-03 12:57:25

I think I'll send it to that 8 mth pregnant 'friend' of mine who thinks I'm a terrible mother for: using wipes, disposable nappies, a Britax Travel System, EVER feeding ds baked beans after he was 12mths old (salt content) and also for not dealing with his tantrums properly. That was written for her I swear!

whymummy Fri 13-Jun-03 12:57:42

me too sambo i was reading it from the newspaper in the garden and my next door neighbour must think i`ve lost it

whymummy Fri 13-Jun-03 12:59:04

yeah m2t lets send it to all the know it all childless people out there!!

kathylee0 Fri 13-Jun-03 13:07:36

really funny-understatement!.I still have tears rolling down my face from laughing so much.Been having a really sh@@tty morning,so thanks for making me laugh.

Tortington Fri 13-Jun-03 23:06:41


Janeway Fri 13-Jun-03 23:20:07

Lesson 9 sleighed me....

mammya Fri 13-Jun-03 23:25:24

This had me crying and howling with laughter, especially lesson 6 which rings soooooo true!

bossykate Fri 13-Jun-03 23:33:02

yes, oh yes, spot on! LOL

Snugs Sat 14-Jun-03 15:32:07

Funny...but now I'm wondering if Carol Vordeman is a Mumsnetter. Abbysmum posted a link to the original of this article on 11th June and lo and behold it appears in Carol's column on the 14th June. Come on Carol, own up!

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