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cats peeing on everything - any ideas?

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Eeek Fri 13-Jun-03 10:04:00

my two (siamese) cats have taken to marking my furniture. I don't think they're reacting to ds (6mths) but to a new fox & a neighbouring cat who is threatening their territory. Any ideas on stopping them - it's driving me mad!

Boe Fri 13-Jun-03 10:08:46

Shoot them??? Make yourself a nice new jacket??? Start storing old newspapers in your hallway and wear too much red lipstick so you are one of those creepy cat smelling old ladies???

No - you should be able to get some spray stuff from the pet shop to stop them doing this.

Have they been chopped??

Eeek Fri 13-Jun-03 10:18:30

it'd have to be mittens - too small for a jacket The thought that my house now smells of cat pee is what really freaks me out! they were even 'done' early supposedly to prevent this.

Boe Fri 13-Jun-03 10:22:33

Ring the vet or the cat shop - I am sure that they will have a good solution. Try to give them as much love and attention as before you had the baby - you may also try to put one of the babies vests in their cat basket - they may just have to get used to a different smell in the house.

To get yucky cat stains off things use vanish powershot - is really good and actually works (am neat freak who could tell you the best solutions for all lifes little stains and this is the best and gets rid of smells).

Eeek Fri 13-Jun-03 10:25:56

boe - thanks for the hint -i'll get some vanish today & i'll chat to the vet. both cats are presently curled up on piles of ds's clean washing so they're taking your advice too

sassy Fri 13-Jun-03 11:36:06

Eeek, try putting their food bowls where they are peeing most frequently, 'cos apparently cats won't pee where they eat. It worked with ours when he started spraying. Incidentally, if they are male it might be worth watching them for a few days, as it can be a sign of urinary tract infection - ours had this and it was both very uncomfortable for him and very expensive for us!!

Gini Fri 13-Jun-03 11:46:37

Boe - how do you get stains out of white bibs then - I have tried most of the products on the market but sweet potato just won't shift it!

(Sorry to change the subject!)

Batters Fri 13-Jun-03 11:49:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Boe Fri 13-Jun-03 12:03:33

Vanish do this Oxy stuff - have not found a stain that it will not remove. (White powder, Pink bucket type thing - Sainbury's and Waitrose I know do it!!)

Put a couple of scoops in a bowl of hot water with offending item overnight - repeat again if no joy - you should get a result.

Gini Fri 13-Jun-03 12:07:53

thanks - I'll let you know how I get on - not a fresh stain any longer though so I won't expect too much...

Eeek Fri 13-Jun-03 12:55:30

thanks for the change of subject - I've also got a sweet potato problem - and butternut squash looks to be just as bad. thanks to all. wish I'd thought to check the archives first - please excuse a beginner

Eeek Fri 13-Jun-03 12:55:35

thanks for the change of subject - I've also got a sweet potato problem - and butternut squash looks to be just as bad. thanks to all. wish I'd thought to check the archives first - please excuse a beginner

tallulah Sat 14-Jun-03 20:04:08

I started the original thread.. the plug-in thing has worked wonders.. we are still having the odd "accident" that is anything but, but not on the scale it was happening before.

To get rid of the smell, esp in fabrics & carpets & upholstery, the bigger pet stores (like Pets at Home) sell a product called Simple Solution- Cat spray & urine stain remover. It works a treat & stops them going back to the same spot.

Hope this helps.

Eeek Sat 14-Jun-03 20:55:08

thanks for this. i'll give it a go. now i just have to stop them scratching my stair carpet

Bobsmum Sun 15-Jun-03 18:16:00

Not sure if someone's already suggested this but bits of orange peel on the offending spot is a sure turn off.

Olivia001 Tue 10-Sep-19 12:11:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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