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what do u wear at gigs?

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megandsoph Wed 06-Jul-05 13:47:15

off to a little gig tonight I know I know jeans and tea shirt.... I have this nice black top and jeans but should I wear boots or black sandals

any ideas?


gingerbear Wed 06-Jul-05 13:48:32

if you are standing for hours on end in the open air - comfy boots!!
And a mac.

tarantula Wed 06-Jul-05 13:48:48

Guess it depends on whether u are planning to go intothe mosh pit or not

Donbean Wed 06-Jul-05 13:50:28

If getting into the moshpit them defo defo a good bra...sports if you have got it, essential item when moshing with the lads.

ninah Wed 06-Jul-05 13:51:37

boots not sandals

Twiglett Wed 06-Jul-05 13:53:36

hahahahahahaha at the thought of me at a gig

beansontoast Wed 06-Jul-05 13:53:40

no one really sees your feet!

go for comfort and/or height.have a good one

ninah Wed 06-Jul-05 13:54:26

you will get trodden on, you need boots

tarantula Wed 06-Jul-05 13:54:27

lol Donbean def a good idea also needed if you are planning to get on a lads shoulders too other wise everyone can see them going everywhere when you bounce around

beansontoast Wed 06-Jul-05 13:55:18

who are you seeing?

tarantula Wed 06-Jul-05 13:56:03

cor this is taking me back memoreies memories Am getting old me

Donbean Wed 06-Jul-05 13:56:47

If it were me, then i would be wearing steel toe capped biker boots, and a good bra.
It can get very rough out there in the gigging world. Sigh, flash backs to my youth.....

Heathcliffscathy Wed 06-Jul-05 13:57:19

what ever is most comfy

beansontoast Wed 06-Jul-05 13:57:45

i go to quite alot of gigs..
but the ones i really enjoy are the ones where i can sit down

megandsoph Wed 06-Jul-05 14:04:25

blummin nora lol only went to wash my hair all these responces thanks !!!

ok just gonna read them now will get bk

megandsoph Wed 06-Jul-05 14:06:53

have never been to the venue it's joseph well in leeds if anyone knows???

not sure who were seeing but the the band leader (whatever there called) is a friend of the friend i'm going with...

so defo not sandals??

Tetley Wed 06-Jul-05 14:29:07

It's just along from where I'm sitting at work at the moment! It's raining anyway, so I'd definately go for boots! You're just asking for sore toes if you wear sandals

megandsoph Wed 06-Jul-05 14:31:28

awww cheers tetley lol ( wow I have my own weather report) hehe

Tetley Wed 06-Jul-05 14:33:11

No probs! Sun's starting to come out now.....

wilbur Wed 06-Jul-05 14:39:08

Def not sandals, feet will be trodden on and then when you go to the loo you will find the floor covered in bleueeuch which you will not want your tootsies to dip in! You might be going to a better class of concert that me, but most of the venues I've ben to are like this! I usually take a lightweight cardi/top that I can tie round my waist too as sometimes coming out into the cold air afterwards can get a bit chilly. And don't forget about your make-up sliding off your face and giving you panda eyes when you get too hot. Mmmm, I miss gigs and clubbing days .

megandsoph Wed 06-Jul-05 14:42:06

lol wilbur

gosh i'm 25 and its me first ever gig

my younger days were big clubs hence the confusion with sandels n stuff.... would it be ok though to wear boots with a heal? coz I don't have anything else no a big shoe collecter u see

lou33 Wed 06-Jul-05 16:45:45

depends what the music is like and how big the venue is.

i went to see james blunt last week in a small venue, and wore a skirt and flip flops, and a strappy t shirt, because a) the venue was tiny and undercover so would get really hot, and b) it isn't the type of music you chuck yourself about to. didn't get trodden on but i was still way too hot

cupcakes Wed 06-Jul-05 16:50:54

we're going to see oasis at the weekend but it's outdoors so need totally different clothes. Am thinking jeans, sheepskin boots, vest (if hot), zip up jacket (if not). Plus probably an anorak ...

Whizzz Wed 06-Jul-05 19:40:10

...well I went to see The Wiggles today & wore jeans, T shirt and boots !!

<drfts off.....remembering when I used to go to gigs........>

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