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So how do we get tickets for the olympics then?

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handlemecarefully Wed 06-Jul-05 13:19:51

Yes I am serious!

I know that for World cup fixtures (I'm talking footie) it's very hard, you have to be in the UK supporters club to stand any real chance of getting tickets to world cup fixtures...

Will it be tough to get tickets for the Olympics?

(I feel vaguely silly about posting this 7 years before the event...put it down to too much adrenalin and excitement)

Heathcliffscathy Wed 06-Jul-05 13:21:01


i think it will be easy to get tickets for something....there are always events with not many people watching...but for key events i agree it will probably be v difficult....

it's soooooooo exciting!

tbh, if it had been paris, i'd have tried to get over there as it's so close...but this is amazing!

MissChief Wed 06-Jul-05 13:22:08

get them quick and sell for vast sums on e-bay!
Seriously though, imagine they'll be some kind of public lottery as well, like for wimbledon.

flashingnose Wed 06-Jul-05 13:23:09

You might struggle to get tickets for the 100M men's final but there will be so many other events going on.

Nice to see this little thread bursting with excitement

Ladymuck Wed 06-Jul-05 13:23:53

Sydney seemd to operate a sort of lettery type thing - you put down which events you really wanted to go to, and I thing most people got at least something they put in for. I doubt it will be first come first served, so you don't have to worry yet!

Fimbo Wed 06-Jul-05 13:25:33

What events would you like to see? I would like to see the Javelin, my dd would probably like to see gymnastics, my dh would be happy to watch anything and my ds - well who knows........

handlemecarefully Wed 06-Jul-05 13:29:24

Ooooh, pleased you are giving me serious answers rather than taking the pee!

handlemecarefully Wed 06-Jul-05 13:29:42

I like middle distance running personally

Ladymuck Wed 06-Jul-05 16:33:21

Would definitely like to see some of the athletics. The beach volleyball might be fun (in Horsegaurd's parade!).

mrspink27 Wed 06-Jul-05 16:38:34

that was the first thing my dh said when the announcement came, how exciting it would be for our dds who will be 8 and 10 and how could we get tickets!

horseshoe Wed 06-Jul-05 16:41:19

Personally I think the people who live in London and who are gonna have to fund the development through their council tax increases should get tickets for free !!!!!

Had it not been for France calling us cheats...I would have been glad if we didn't get it!!!

cupcakes Wed 06-Jul-05 16:43:33

I really want to go to the opening ceremony too!
HMC - you're not silly. I really wanted to know too but wasn't brave enough to put my hand up

Tommy Wed 06-Jul-05 16:52:49

I'm trying to work out which sports the DS will be into by then so we ca go to those ones. Bit difficult at the moment being only 3 and nearly 2
Is the sailing going to be at Weymouth?

QueenOfQuotes Wed 06-Jul-05 16:59:44

Re the council tax thing - saw Mr Mayor (sorry forgotten his name - told some of you on another thread I've got a memory like a sieve and this just proves it ) says it'll be no more than 38p a week extra......that's £20 (roughly) a year extra - don't really think that's a vast amount to pay personally.

Anyhow to get back 'on topic'

I'd love to see the Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming, Horse Riding - oh well actually I'd like to see ANY of it

QueenOfQuotes Wed 06-Jul-05 17:01:26

this article reckons tickets could be as little as £15!!!!!

horseshoe Wed 06-Jul-05 17:06:41


If they could promise £20 a year I would be happy.....

Call me cynical but ..

The dartford tunnel was to be charged until they paid for it......well charges still and going up (excuse...upkeep)

Congestion charges were a way off deterring motorists off the London street....Now being increased to £8 and possibly extended to M25 AND now they want to introduce a charge for trains during busy periods because they are getting too packed.....

purpleturtle Wed 06-Jul-05 17:07:12

When the Commonwealth Games were in Manchester I think you could apply for specific days/venues, or just, whatever's avalailable, couldn't you?

cardy Wed 06-Jul-05 17:11:00

I was in Sydney just before the Olympics and quite a few friends managed to get tickets for various events. A number were kept aside for 'local' people and there was a lottery type thing where you could apply for a certain number. Most people managed to get something. There were still tickets available for locals a couple of weeks before it all started which were relatively easy to come by.

I had friends who worked as volenteers therefore managed to get to see the events they were working on for nothing.

Nightynight Wed 06-Jul-05 18:03:40

I recommend Lufthansa, returning 2013.

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