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VELCRO Football Boots

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TheRealMrsF Wed 06-Jul-05 12:49:01

Can u get velcro fastening YOUTHS football boots - size 5..... my son is Autistic and cannot tie laces

starlover Wed 06-Jul-05 12:50:24

ooh there was a thread about this a while back... came up with a solution but can't remember what...

Janh Wed 06-Jul-05 12:51:28

It was MrsF's thread before, I think - didn't you find anything suitable then, MrsF?

TheRealMrsF Wed 06-Jul-05 12:51:50

Ummmm...that was me too!!! The suggestion was to use 'toggles' like on ruck sacks.....just still hopefull i can get 'special' velcro ones...he's not keen on laces FULL STOP!!!!!

starlover Wed 06-Jul-05 12:52:50

oh yes... just loooked it up and found it was you! hmmm, not sure really, sorry!

LIZS Wed 06-Jul-05 12:54:22

My 6yr old nephew supposedly got some at Clarks but they were probably a 13 or 1. I have seen Adidas indoor velcro soccer shoes.

starlover Wed 06-Jul-05 16:48:56

yes clarks do them, but not up to a 5 unfortunately

renaldo Wed 06-Jul-05 21:42:32

you can get elastic laces that only need to be tied once

TheRealMrsF Wed 06-Jul-05 21:56:24

so...would he simply tie them tight then tuck the laces in???

ssd Wed 06-Jul-05 22:11:30

Just got ds2 some velcro boots in John Lewis sale, half price at £11. He's only a size 8 and 1/2, might do up to a bigger size. They are made by cica and the code on the box is 349636F. name is "TWIN STRIKE 1", colour is "black/red/silver leather". They came in a dark grey box with a black lid with a red cica curly sign and "CICA" written in white. They were on a sale rack. I got them in John Lewis, Glasgow. They don't have studs but would be suitable for playing on concrete or grass.

HTH ssd xx

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