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sykes Thu 12-Jun-03 12:03:35

For some reason I can't post on the thread Bugsy -so sorry for everything you're going through. HAven't a clue what I'd do - not much help, I know. Do you want me to ask my nanny if she knows of anyone available for a week?

oxocube Thu 12-Jun-03 12:42:48

Bugsy, I agree with so many others who have contributed to this thread. I think your DH wants it all - the forgiving and amiable wife, the comfort of 'coming home' when it suits him and the (dubious, IMHO) excitment of an affair. But at the end of the day, it does seem that he wants out of this marriage otherwise I doubt he would have left his telephone on without erasing the messages from his mistress.

You have tried as hard as is possible, Bugsy, and maybe now you just have to move on, even if you haven't truly accepted that your marriage is over. He sounds like an extremely selfish and immature person. You will feel better in time and I guess thats what you have to cling on to.

Lots and lots of love xxx

sykes Thu 12-Jun-03 15:56:29

Sorry - adding here again. Bugsy, shall I ask my nanny if she knows of someone. I'm pretty sure she has a friend who could help out. Really nice girl.

beetroot Thu 12-Jun-03 16:06:45

Message withdrawn

Bugsy Thu 12-Jun-03 16:51:37

I am definitely not up for stealing any nannies, but anyone who was free would be fantastic. Sykes I'll e-mail you with my 'phone number in case you have any luck.

M2T Thu 12-Jun-03 16:55:51

Do you know his Credit Card number? I have some great revenge suggestions in case you ever feel the need.

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