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Can anyone recommend a good portrait photographer in London?

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franch Wed 20-Jan-10 11:24:33

Someone who does brilliant shots of children? Thanks.

reoliva Mon 25-Sep-17 15:42:15

THE BEST !!! smile

chelsea408 Thu 01-Dec-16 21:44:57

This thread is old but I wanted to add my two cents in case folks in south London are still looking! We had pregnancy and baby photos done by Louise Rose Photography and have really loved them. The photos are natural-looking but still very pretty. You can do them at home (somehow your place comes out looking quite clean...) or outdoors in a garden or park. I recommend Louise.

hattyhatter Wed 16-Sep-15 06:52:07

It's rather transparent advertising if you seek out a zombie thread to post on Veronika grin

Pippamack Wed 16-Sep-15 06:47:41

Try Veronika Ward Photography at
She is sensational. We have had a baby session with her and also a family shoot and the pictures are more than we hoped for. She is also very good with children.
Highly recommended.

PoppyCarterPortraits Tue 04-Nov-14 11:18:10

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SueS28 Sat 01-Mar-14 12:11:16

I have a fantastic portrait photographer, and she actually specializes in photographing children, from newborns to the older ones. Her name is Milla and she is based in London. From my experience I can say that apart from being a professional and talented photographer, she is also very friendly, enthusiastic about her job and full of ideas. That is why she works very well with children. It's her website where you can visit her gallery and see some pictures

AMPhotography Tue 26-Mar-13 15:41:36

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ejreynolds Fri 16-Nov-12 23:22:44

This thread seems to be going on for a bit so I thought I would post a response to this that I also posted on a similar thread on my local site.
I had photos done by a really nice photographer locally in Old St. He is doctor actually so was great with the kids, as well as running a photography business. He was very good at giving us the fullsize files and let us print them ourselves, although we also got him to print a couple of really cool hardboard prints which were amazing. Website below:


leaz Wed 08-Aug-12 23:10:22

Bit late for a response, but just wanted to put my 2 cents in. I've been a serious hobbyist for nearly a decade now and am starting to do professional work now. To build up my portfolio I am charging close to nothing ( no session fee + 3 full resolution digital images and option to purchase more images for £10 ). so if you dont like the results you pay nothing and still end up with 3 images of your choosing.
Based in NW3. Here is my website :

PepeLePew Thu 26-Jan-12 00:08:31

Check out Rory Lindsay - he takes fabulous photos of children and they absolutely adored him and had a blast...

MerryMarigold Wed 25-Jan-12 23:52:39

PS. With Lily, you can order the whole CD of shots very reasonably and then make a photobook or order whatever you like. That's what I have done in the past as it's too hard to choose, especially when you have 3 kids, as I do, and maybe even other people in photos eg. parents.

MerryMarigold Wed 25-Jan-12 23:47:15

great lady photography with 3 kids of her own (I am not her, but she is my friend and has taken lots of pics of my kids)

She's absolutely brilliant. She also does shoots in people's houses/ local park. She's fantastic with the kids, very creative and has lovely ideas. Like when we attempted a hige family photo with the GP's, sis and toddler, my family of 5 and it was proving difficult, she suggested we all try and tickle my parents and got this beautiful photo of us all laughing. It's so natural. She's particularly great at portraits that really capture the kids personality.

TSK Wed 25-Jan-12 23:37:32

What sort of price range would they be plesse?

Kaloki Sat 30-Jan-10 19:16:21

Bit late but my DP does portraiture. Don't think he's got much of his kids stuff online, but have a look

beanie75 Sat 30-Jan-10 15:41:45

Check out
They do really beautiful pictures and are London based.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Wed 20-Jan-10 13:05:03

i'm sure, i've never bought any of dd's nursery individual shots for the same reason, it is disappointing. didn't they say in advance that three could be tricky? they definitely told someone i know that in advance.

sugartits Wed 20-Jan-10 13:02:19

Yes, you are probably right H2010. I guess dh and I were disappointed with the results at the time.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Wed 20-Jan-10 13:00:54

two is fine, deffo. but i think for that quality of shots you might be pushing it for three, unless (this is what i would do, i think) you did it in a park with them all on a roundabout or something, and were prepared to pay for a few shots so that each child was to the fore for one shot. do you know what i mean?

franch Wed 20-Jan-10 12:50:28

It's for a friend, actually, H2010, who has 2 DDs. She emailed me this morning and I said I'd see what I could find - but am now getting interested for my own kids!

franch Wed 20-Jan-10 12:40:53

Hmm, ok sugartits, that's interesting!

AitchTwoOhOneOh Wed 20-Jan-10 12:40:07

i think it's not unreasonable to find it more difficult to get three kids looking in the same direction etc than two, though, don't you? especially if the kind of shot you're after isn't a 'look at teh birdie and smile' kind of thing. he's certainly done some amazing stuff with two sibs, i've seen them.

depends how many kids you've got, franch, and whether you want group shots. smile

sugartits Wed 20-Jan-10 12:34:38

I've used Ken Sharp before and tbh I didn't order any prints at all - he said it was difficult working with three children which I thought was a bit hmm. A couple of years before we'd had some done (one less dc) in a studio and they were much much better it was this guy (also rock n roll).

AitchTwoOhOneOh Wed 20-Jan-10 12:32:48

oh, and natural light all the way. no freaky lamps.

franch Wed 20-Jan-10 12:31:35

I agree about the images - something I rarely say about photos of other people's children! - I was surprised to feel quite moved by some of them

AitchTwoOhOneOh Wed 20-Jan-10 12:31:25

aaaaaw, have just found dd in the gallery. <nostalgic> she's so grown up now, in comparison.

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