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feel really old now, i dont know what scoubidous are!!??

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nailpolish Tue 05-Jul-05 09:59:30

please someone fill me in?

misdee Tue 05-Jul-05 10:00:22

plastic laces which u knot into things. i cant do them

nutcracker Tue 05-Jul-05 10:00:42

Me either Misdee

WideWebWitch Tue 05-Jul-05 10:01:09


nailpolish Tue 05-Jul-05 10:01:10

but i dont see the point

WideWebWitch Tue 05-Jul-05 10:02:23

no neither do I but I don't get yu gi oh cards either and they're a boys' craze!

misdee Tue 05-Jul-05 10:02:23

its just a creative thing for kids. (and adults who have to do them for their kids)

sparklymieow Tue 05-Jul-05 10:02:53

MIsdee I made one for your DD1

Weatherwax Tue 05-Jul-05 10:10:52

I'm pleased with them Before they came my dd1 was knotting her hair in the school playground at lunchtime. Now I find little plastic strings everywhere, the cats help me find them!

nailpolish Tue 05-Jul-05 10:12:26

ah, thanks for the link, see what you mean now!

piffle Tue 05-Jul-05 10:12:59

we have metres of the damn things
My ds and all his mates love them too, it's not just for girls...
Woolies have them Skoobies they are well thats what it says on the box I have here...

zipzip Tue 05-Jul-05 10:15:15

I can't do them, and decided not to even try! far too technical for me
I have learnt that as I learn something new, something old gets pushed out of my brain and I dare not risk the amount of brain space that these things take up.
Oh, and they get tangled in the hoover too....

SoupDragon Tue 05-Jul-05 11:03:12

LOL at "but I don't see the point"

QZebra Tue 05-Jul-05 11:05:30

I cant do them either, shall we form a club for the Scoubidou incompetent!!??

Easy Tue 05-Jul-05 11:25:22

I'm really glad someone posted this, I had no idea either, but was too scared to ask.

Lots of them for sale on Ebay tho' (Children's crafts)

sheepgomeep Tue 05-Jul-05 11:32:12

I can't do them either haven't got the patience plus I'm left handed and the friends that can do them have been trying to teach me the right handed way

flatmouse Tue 05-Jul-05 11:51:12

Can someone please explain how to "do" these? i just can't work it out and DS came home with some from a friend - so no instructions!

nailpolish Tue 05-Jul-05 20:25:57

sheepgomeep - yes, im left handed too, can imagine its like knitting - my gran tried to teach me that and she got fed up cos it was impossible to learn (or teach) me back to front


Tissy Tue 05-Jul-05 20:29:05

try here for basic instructions

Fimbo Tue 05-Jul-05 20:29:05

We've even got an instruction book at home and I still can't make head nor tail of it!! . DD just plaits them like you would hair.

Fimbo Tue 05-Jul-05 20:31:21

Great link Tissy - those instructions are definately easier to follow than the book!!

bigdonna Tue 05-Jul-05 22:15:48

i can do them" nur nur nurnur nur" they are really easy once you get the hang of them i got a 10yr old to show me i can do a square one,a round one and a helter skelter.

lunavix Tue 05-Jul-05 22:17:57

The book people are doing a good book for about £3

bigdonna Tue 05-Jul-05 22:43:44

got my mag today its 1.99 for scoobiedoo book.

bubblerock Tue 05-Jul-05 22:48:51

They are easy once you get the hang of them, we got DS some a couple of days ago and he's struggling so I'm sat there making them for him - makes a change to actually enjoy doing something with him, bit more girlie than usual!

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