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is my dh cheating?

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marmar Mon 04-Jul-05 17:09:35

this year as been so bad for me whot with loseing my mother know this. me and my dh as always enjoyed a heathy sex life and each others cumpany but for the past few weeks he as started going out saying he visits his old work mates once a week and as totaly gone of all love making also he moans if i ask for a cuddle am i just seing things and being totaly stupid or are my fears just? please help i thing im going mad

mytwopenceworth Mon 04-Jul-05 17:11:31

talk to him, tell him how you are feeling, and ask him to tell you how he is feeling. that would be your starting point, imo

marmar Mon 04-Jul-05 17:14:52

tried this he just says dont be daft and chages the subject as quick as it started or gets het up after all the years of being together i just know in my heart of hearts something aint rite

QueenEagle Mon 04-Jul-05 17:17:03

Suggest you go out together once on the night he would normally go out with his mates?

Go out yourself on another night, say you are visiting your friends?

ggglimpopo Mon 04-Jul-05 17:17:42

Message withdrawn

marmar Mon 04-Jul-05 17:20:47

dont know if this is in my head but ive never been in this situation b4 are there any tell tail signs. dont want to have to follow him and find out that way as if im wrong i will feel rotten and if i did see something it woould totaly distroy me

marmar Mon 04-Jul-05 17:22:28

no. no other signs like that but he makes a point of living his phone lying around and he never used to he used to be glued to it

marmar Mon 04-Jul-05 17:24:02

im not possesive with him and dont think it is unreasnable of him wanting my time as long as thats all it is

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