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i just had fun with internet crooks!!

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mytwopenceworth Mon 04-Jul-05 17:09:32

had an email from (supposedly) citicards, claiming that they needed me to confirm my details and to click on the link to their site etc etc. i filled in the answers, eg full cc number, expiry date, security no on back, name dob - the full monty - with total rubbish. made up numbers and a false name and dob. they sent a reply saying thank you, your details have been confirmed.

having little chuckle to myself and thinking i wonder if they are going to make a card and send someone shopping with that pile of rubbish or if they are going to try to use it to buy stuff over the internet? either way, ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

i mean COME ON! who is going to fall for THAT!!!!!

Prettybird Mon 04-Jul-05 17:22:57

My Dad was sent a letter from Sainsbury's Bank/Mastercard telling him that in order to meet Governemnt requirements (and supported by the Financial Services Authoirty) he needed to send them a piece of formal identification, such a s a untility bill, payslip or failing that a copy of his birth certicate or a certified copy of his passport. If he did not do this immediately (th eletter only arrived last week), then his account would be stopped on 8 July.

This is for a Barcalycard he has had for years and which is used regularly.

The letter itslef had the regristered office details superimposed on the printed letterhead, so that it was vircually illegible.

On first reading, he thought "this is a scam", an attempted ideintity theft, so he rang the number on his credit card statement - they knew nothing about it. He rang the freephone number printed on the letter and gave them the referecne number that was on the letter. They knew nothing about it .

SO he rang the police, who like him thought this was a scam.

He then rang either the Barcalyacrd or the Sainsbury's Bank Fraud Department: they knew nothing about it but asked him to fax them a copy of the letter.

Then they rang him back to say it was genuine! !!!!

He has now written them a stinking letter saying that the left hand should really know waht the right hand is doing - and also saying could they tell him how is he to send them this information at no cost to himself, as the prepaid envelope that was supposed to enclosed has not been.

Prettybird Mon 04-Jul-05 17:23:56

Sorry - I think it was Barclaycard and not Mastercard, in case you get confused! Whoever does the Sainsbury's Bank credit card anyway.

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