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Postman Pat SDS - what's going on?!

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Floordad Thu 14-Jan-10 17:10:15

My 2 yr old DD is mad about Postman Pat, and I like it too for it's gentle village setting and gentle humour. So what the hell is going on with "Postman Pat Special Delivery Service"?! Has the Royal Mail lost the contract for deliveries in Greendale/Pencaster? Has Pat gone private? And most importantly... what's happened to the actor playing Pat?!

playftseforme Thu 14-Jan-10 17:13:39

Why hasn't Pat been sacked - delivering damaged goods on a daily basis and wanton use of the helicopter?

Floordad Thu 14-Jan-10 17:18:24

To be fair, he's never gone on strike...

luckygirltoo Thu 14-Feb-13 08:27:26

it sounds like all the actors are different in the new series that has just started! rubbish!

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