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wiltshirelass where are you?

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josiejump Tue 10-Jun-03 22:27:26

Have finally found out name of chemical for you.. see suncream thread. Sorry it took so long!

princesspeahead Wed 11-Jun-03 14:41:18

shhhh, don't tell but have changed my name! thanks very much - very sweet of you to remember and post it.

josiejump Wed 11-Jun-03 21:49:01

Cool new name!

M2T Wed 11-Jun-03 21:50:35

Josiejump - she likes it shortened to PPH. It reminds her of the good old days.

josiejump Thu 12-Jun-03 22:09:30

Sorry M2T, am probably being really dense now, but PPH? Is this drugs, or what????

M2T Fri 13-Jun-03 08:40:43

Josiejump - Wiltshirelass pointed out in another thread that PPM is short for Post Partum Haemhorrage (Sp?)!

She had that when she was pregnant last time...

josiejump Fri 13-Jun-03 22:49:15

Ah, it all becomes clear now. Thanks M2T, almost wish I hadn't asked!

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