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HELP NEEDED DH wants me to........

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soapyprincess Sun 03-Jul-05 17:32:31

start helping him get work, he is a taxi driver.

He reckons I send a lot of time on the internet and thinks I should b helping him.

So does anyone have any ideas on how I can find email addresses of companies within a certain distance of where we live?

He has an 8 seater van converted into a taxi and has just strarted out on his own. I have been drunning up business by handing out cards to people i know at school but any other ideas would be great.



beetroot Sun 03-Jul-05 17:33:10

Message withdrawn

gigglinggoblin Sun 03-Jul-05 17:35:17

my dad used to do a lot of courier work as a taxi driver. what about looking under local manufacturers or something in yellow pages?

soapyprincess Sun 03-Jul-05 17:41:21

We are in Fleet in hampshire.


bubblerock Sun 03-Jul-05 17:52:17

list him in every single free business listing online that you can, type taxi and hampshire in to google and go from there. Call himself a name beginning with A so that he gets listed near the front of the yellow pages

BadgerBadger Sun 03-Jul-05 21:49:56

For local business addresses, go to upmystreet and type in your postcode.

Tortington Sun 03-Jul-05 22:45:59

cards in local shops and supermarkets. phone boxes, pubs, schools, community centres, cafe's old peoples homes and retirement blocks.

soapyprincess Wed 06-Jul-05 17:59:38

thanks badgerbadger that was the best suggestiob u have had so far any more?


soapyprincess Wed 06-Jul-05 18:00:13

sorry i meant "I" not u


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