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Blenders - lazy or wot?

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dietcoke Tue 10-Jun-03 14:04:13

my friend just told me that she as a blender that she uses and i was just wondering wot was the point of dese fings? i mean, shes not old or nuffin, got all her teeth, so why does she aft to squish everyfink? she blends watermelons in it, why not just eat em like everyone else does? is it just laziness? cant people be bovvered to chew stuff up anymore? i fink she is middle class on the quiet having a gadget like that, cause they are a bit lazy arent they? they ave breadmakers and stuff, why not just buy it from the shop? my shop does loads of bread, i dont unnerstand why you ave to make it unless you want to be all poncy. i can unnerstand if you ave babies and need to squish stuff up for them, but does all middle class people squish up their food? do they use straws and stuff? i dont know any you see, but i fink my friend is one, she lives near the sea so she must be. she says its a diet fing, but chewing is good exersize innit? so i dont geddit. fought this site might know stuff like that, i just got the internet you see, my boyfriend got me on it.

codswallop Tue 10-Jun-03 14:15:48

yeah right

bea Tue 10-Jun-03 18:45:11


dottyparker Tue 10-Jun-03 20:15:42

pure middle class it is as it is pure indulgence, we never chew darling, didn't you know?

dietcoke Tue 10-Jun-03 20:28:30

i didnt know that, no. sorry about my spellin codswhallop but i aint typing no essay here or nuffin, so why bover? you know wot i am saying and i dont want to fink too hard abut it, or i would never type anyfink. i just rite wot cums into mi head at the time and i fought this was like a chat room. but i like aving discushions too. i mean like, this mate of mine wif the blender, i fink she grows herbs on her windowsill. i didnt even know wot they was, i mean i know u put them on pizzas but how does u know wot is a herb and wot is not. and do you blend them as well? do you like, mix stuff up in the blender to make other stuff, or do you just blend one fing into like, a drink or summat. am blabbing a bit now arent i? sorry, i like this site dough.

tinyfeet Tue 10-Jun-03 20:40:34

i don't get it. please enlighten me. is this Mumsnet or have I entered the "How To Write Like Eliza Doolittle" website?

codswallop Tue 10-Jun-03 20:41:25

just ignore it/her and it/she will go

tinyfeet Tue 10-Jun-03 20:44:55

ok - i think it's a he though.

dottyparker Tue 10-Jun-03 22:00:50

herbs are terribly working class darling, all the people of a certain finance do you know.

dietcoke Tue 10-Jun-03 22:53:36

i am sad dat u all fink it is funny to make fun of someone elses spelling. ok i didnt go to school, i got pregnant at 15, but i didnt like school anyways. i cant spell, but i can talk and im sure u can all unnerstand mi. just because you can spell does it make u any better dan me? i write mostly text and stuff and it does cum across a bit naff, but dat is me. is dis ow u treat people on dis site, jus ignore dem and hope dey go away? am i not in ur class or summat? is dere someone i can complane to about dis cause i am a bit upset now.

Crunchie Tue 10-Jun-03 23:04:34

Actually re the last message dietcoke, you've got a point!! If you are taking the piss fair play, I do think that we can be a bit cenorous (SP) here, sorry codswallop not meant to be aimed at you 'cos I thought the same on first reading, but on reflection there is a pont here maybe??

In answer to the first question, blanders are great little gadgets if you enjoy cooking. they aren't all middleclass and poncey, but you are right, if you want bred why make your own, if you want soup why not open a can. To be honest I don't knwo why I have all these gadgets (food proceesor, separate blender, bread maker, ice cream machine etc etc) but I guess it's because I like cooking and I relax while creating stuff, so for me the actual process of cooking is fun. i cook all sorts, blend loads, but don't even eat half of it as I am veggie and I cook meat etc for my family.

SoupDragon Wed 11-Jun-03 08:11:57

I think ZsaZsa might be back...

dietcoke Wed 11-Jun-03 14:27:48

thank u Crunchie for explaneing dat to me. i will try harder wif my spellin cause i know it puts people off. the first post i did wos dat i didnt no why people uses blenders, i didnt see the point in dem. the only fing i can fink of blending wood be tatties cause u make dem into mash, but den why not get one of dose pakets like smash. i mean, you ave to peel the tatties first, den chop em and put em in the blender. do u cook dem first too? or jus put em strait in? its a lot of effot jus to get sum mash. do dey not know about the pakets? in fact u can get tatties all ready peeled and boiled and in a tin now, dey are very nice we ave dem on sundays. u can get sprouts in tins and every fink now. dey r are reely good. and like u said about bred makers, dey are jus for show reely arent dey? cant see em tasting verynice. how do u cook em? cause dat bredmaker looks like a toaster to me, we avent even got a toaster, jus the grill on the oven. and if u is a bizzy mum, ow do u get the time to blend stuff and put stuff in the bredmaker? i hardly got time to open the tins b4 Dwayne needs a nappy change and Kylie is teesing the dog. or does ur men help u? mine is at home all day but hes a lazy git (can u swear on here or not?) and never does nuffin to help. but i bet dey got cleeners in dem posh houses avent dey? mi mum used to be a cleener for one of dem and sometimes she wood bring back stuff for us, like t towels and baff towels (bath, i just looked dat up!). god how did i start on all dis? sorry u must fink im a right pain! just nice to have people listenin no wot i mean?

codswallop Wed 11-Jun-03 14:29:20

yeah - thanks crunchie

dietcoke Wed 11-Jun-03 15:11:38

i get the feelin u are trying to drive me off dis site and u dont even no me codswhallop. sorry i fought dis wos a site for all mums, not just poncey ones. it didnt say i had to ave a degree in english or nuffin to join in. dere are even sum funny langage speakin ones on ere, but u dont ave a go at dem. u ave just made ur mind up about me. well if u are dat bovvered by me why do u bovver replying at all? why not just ignore me like u said u wos going to anyways?

Enid Wed 11-Jun-03 15:12:34

Yeah right.

dietcoke Wed 11-Jun-03 15:12:56

i might not spell so good but at leest i got more manner dan u.

dietcoke Wed 11-Jun-03 15:13:48

is dis pick on the working class time? go on den, just wot is ur problem wif me den?

Enid Wed 11-Jun-03 15:16:54

Cleaners steal? Working class people are badly educated? Working class men sit on their arses all day? Your kids are called Dwayne and Kylie?

Oh p*** off, you are more insulting to the 'working classes' that I could ever be.

Rhubarb Wed 11-Jun-03 15:17:50

No, you are right dietcoke. This is a site for all mums and it doesn't matter two hoots about your spelling. You are more than welcome to join in this "discushion" (sorry!) or any of the chat threads you want. Don't let anyone put you off, there are nice people on here too I assure you!

M2T Wed 11-Jun-03 15:20:50

Oooo more controversy!

dietcoke Wed 11-Jun-03 15:20:59

who said steel? my mum got dem off her employer! you just fought i meant steel without lookin at the facts first. and so wot about my kids names? wot are yours called then? chardonnay? and no my boyfriend does not sit on his arse all day, i just said he never helps, i didnt say he does nuffin all day did i?

thanks Rhubarb, but im not welcome here i can see dat. sorry to have bovverd you all.

M2T Wed 11-Jun-03 15:22:32

Come on then... who are you? Could it be DColagirl?

dietcoke Wed 11-Jun-03 15:29:51

oh, u fink im someone else? taking the p***? is dat why noone likes me?

M2T Wed 11-Jun-03 15:31:30

I think that could be the general concensus Dietcoke!

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