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Editing Home Movies. How ?

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NomDePlume Sun 03-Jul-05 14:17:11

I've found an old mpeg of DD as a tiny, I want to edit it as there's a lot of superfluous footage, but don't know how.

We have PIXELA ImageMixer software on our pc which came with the cam corder, but i can't even begin to understand how to use it and the 'help' function is total guff.

Do you either a) know of free editing software that's idiot proof ? or b) how to use PIXELA ?


GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 14:18:57

NDP - have a look on your computer - do you not have Windows Movie Maker floating about in accessories or somewhere in there?

NomDePlume Sun 03-Jul-05 14:19:22

yes we do, is that idiot proof ?

GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 14:19:35

(not that I've used it much myself, but it was "okay" for basic stuff I think...)

NomDePlume Sun 03-Jul-05 14:20:02

DOH ! Got it and am just attempting to figure it out....

GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 14:20:05

make a copy of the mpeg first and have a play - that way if it's not idiot proof then it doesn't matter

GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 14:20:54

Now come over onto my thread and tell me what to do on my childfree day

NomDePlume Sun 03-Jul-05 14:22:31

Just trying to 'import file' and it tells me that it can't do it cos the file name i'm trying to import 'contains no information', how can that be, it's a 202mb file ?! [confused emoticon please]

GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 14:26:09

check you can view the mpeg in windows media player first ... there's lots of different mpeg "versions" and not all are readable in all programmes without codecs. Sometimes it can be an unbelievable faff.

Will have a hunt around for freeware editing programmes for you.

NomDePlume Sun 03-Jul-05 14:27:23

can defintely view all in media player

GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 14:28:53

Odd - should go into movie maker okay then.

Stick it on a CD and I'll have a play some point this week?

NomDePlume Sun 03-Jul-05 14:34:34

thanks for that, G .

GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 14:34:58

What's the EXACT error message you get?

NomDePlume Sun 03-Jul-05 14:35:33

The file C:\Program Files\PIXELA\ImageMixer\Capture\Cap0003.MPG is not valid because it does not contain any information.

GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 14:35:41

and what version movie maker do you have?

NomDePlume Sun 03-Jul-05 14:36:20

It's the same message no matter where I attempt to source the mpeg from (obv the file path differs)

NomDePlume Sun 03-Jul-05 14:37:28

I don't know, the one that comes as standard with WindowsXP Home, I guess

GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 14:37:38

One thing to try... go to Tools>Options>Compatibility and uncheck anything that's checked and try again. Probably won't help, but it's worth a try...

GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 14:37:56

Also go to Help>About and tell me what version it says

NomDePlume Sun 03-Jul-05 14:38:48

DOH ! Version 5.1

NomDePlume Sun 03-Jul-05 14:39:24

The tools thingy worked !!

NomDePlume Sun 03-Jul-05 14:39:40

You're a star xxxxx Thanks

GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 14:40:10


*retains her image of computer guru completely accidentally*

GeorginaA Sun 03-Jul-05 14:41:39

Sounds to me in that case that something the PIXELA filters did "interfered" with the standard ones that come with windows. I had the same problem with Canon codecs overwriting standard ones previously - was a right pain to trace and replace with the originals... ended up doing a reinstall in the end.

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