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What did your dh/dp get last birthday? I need present ideas for dp!

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WideWebWitch Sun 03-Jul-05 09:45:02

I have no idea what to get him and am searching for inspiration. What did your dh/dp get last birthday and how old were they? (This bit is just nosiness, you don't have to tell me! Dp is about to be 29)

dramaqueen72 Sun 03-Jul-05 09:46:53

I got dh a helicoptor flight/lesson. he is 32
sometimes i go mad and get things like this, sometimes its you know, new shirt/smellies/jeans kinda gift........

biglips Sun 03-Jul-05 09:49:41

i got DP an x-box steering wheel to connect to his x-box games (car racing) as he likes his toys!! and couple of x-box games and bits.

blossom2 Sun 03-Jul-05 09:52:12

DH turned 35 this year and got walking boots (he goes at least once a year), hands-free kit for telephone and a book from me & DD. He got lots of DVDs from family. We tried to make the day special, so he got to watch footy at the pub with friends, had lunch with us, got a cake and did not have to bath DD.

Father's day, he got the Monty Pyhon DVD set (5 DVDs) and another book!

basketcase Sun 03-Jul-05 10:09:27

A painted mug from DD1 (Tesco do a kit with it all in for less than £4.
A scribbly picture from DD2 - I scanned it in and changed his computer wallpaper for him which DD2 loves to see.
2 cycling tops and new bike seat (he is trying to get fit again)
Some new undies (washing machine destroyed a whole load)

Miaou Sun 03-Jul-05 10:14:03

I bought dh a new wallet for his birthday. He was 43 this year ! He was very pleased with it as his old one had fallen apart. He's not really interested in material things, but does get rather attached to a good wallet, I suppose because he uses it every day.

littlerach Sun 03-Jul-05 10:29:19

Some bit for his camera that he wanted.
Quite boring but at least something he wanted.

A swiss army knife for fathers day, ditto above!!

I suggested a magazine sub last year, but this was shot down!!!

Often he gets DVDs, clothes etc from my family, his don't really bother.

Next year I plan to get him a photography field trip somewhere, as he wouldn't book this for himself.

He is 38.

Surfermum Sun 03-Jul-05 11:34:38

I got dh a surround sound system for his 47th birthday.

lilaclotus Sun 03-Jul-05 11:36:38

mine's 27. his family and i put money together for a subcription to 'new scientist'. he reads it back to front every week.

lou33 Sun 03-Jul-05 12:24:12

sent mine to barcelona,which he is doing again this year

spidermama Sun 03-Jul-05 12:30:53

A watch which he has since broken in during another incident of domestic chaos.

teeavee Sun 03-Jul-05 12:48:17

mine wanted a fishing rod this year - didn't get it for him though, as punishment for asking his MOTHER to buy me a ring/earrings for my birthday! I wasn't meant to find this out, only mil told me! Dh had, as usual, left it too late, and all the shops were closed (bank holiday), so even mil couldn't get me anything didn't get him anything this year - serves him right

Pinotmum Sun 03-Jul-05 12:50:48

Took him to Amsterdam for a weekend break deal. It was nice but too short.

WideWebWitch Sun 03-Jul-05 12:53:15

Oh no teavee! I bought him a watch last year so that's no good and a wallet about 2 years before that so that's no good. He wouldn't wear walking boots, I bought him a magazine subscription and Arsenal tickets for Christmas, I wouldn't know what he wanted for his PS2, can't afford to send him anywhere (and anyway, he'd want me to go too). Although come to think of it, I know he'd love a night away with a lie in. Maybe I'll see if my mum can have the children next weekend so we can spend the night in a hotel, I do know he'd massively appreciate it. Thanks for all these ideas.

Pinotmum Sun 03-Jul-05 12:55:47

Whatever you choose hope he loves it!

kama Sun 03-Jul-05 13:01:43

Message withdrawn

spykid Sun 03-Jul-05 13:52:04

got mine a remot control car that you build yourself.
Was told I am the coolest wife for that particular pressie!

Hausfrau Mon 04-Jul-05 13:58:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChaCha Mon 04-Jul-05 14:33:50

Spykid, DH would love that! It's his b'day in a couple of tell me more

spykid Mon 04-Jul-05 16:45:20

dh's was one like this
scroll down to the monster truck.
I bought it from a local model shop, and you have to build the engine then spray the car body youreslf. Dh went along and chose his own colours when he had built the car.
Apparently tamiya was the cool make to have when dh was a teenager (he's 33 now). So this was a dream come true!!

GeorginaA Mon 04-Jul-05 16:46:07

an ipod shuffle (dh is 32 ... um ... I think!)

flobbleflobble Mon 04-Jul-05 16:50:11

ipod - he loves it!

Pagan Mon 04-Jul-05 16:56:01

He was 40!!! DS was only 4 weeks old and I allowed him to go skiing in France with the lads for a long weekend! It was the worst weekend of my life as I didn't get any sleep for 36 hours at one point

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