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i was verbally abused today

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ogri Fri 01-Jul-05 18:49:07

i was out walking with my 10 month dd in her buggy and my 2 dogs on the signle track road near home. i heard a car coming very fast. i put dd to the side of the road and stood in road to make car slow down. he stopped and i said ' you are driving too fast on this road '. to which i got f* off and go and f* yourself. i was so gobsmacked, i think i told him to f* off too and who did he think he was.
the road is very twisty with lots of trees and high bracken at side of road, making visability on it bad in some bits. it is also very popular with walkers and cyclists and wildlife including deer , sheep and cows.
i was really shocked at how he spoke to a woman and especially when i had dd with me.

Twiglett Fri 01-Jul-05 18:51:52

you stopped a boy racer and are surprised he swore at you

have you just joined us from the '50's or something

ogri Fri 01-Jul-05 18:53:33

he wasnt a boy racer, he looked like a respectable businessman

Twiglett Fri 01-Jul-05 18:54:22

boy racer in a suit then

bravo by the way for stopping him .. you did a brave and useful thing because despite the obnoxious language he will think about his speed on that road

gigglinggoblin Fri 01-Jul-05 19:18:38

if someone is driving dangerously you can report them to the police and they will go round and have a word with them. might be enough to make them think twice next time

geekgrrl Fri 01-Jul-05 19:47:35

what a charmer. Just think his family have to put up with this pr*ck all the time.

Reminds me of a middle-aged bloke, who, when confronted about him parking in a parent & baby spot without any baby told me to 'shut my mouth or he'll put his fist in it'.
Guess who got his sports car keyed....

Catsmother Fri 01-Jul-05 22:26:12

geekgrrl, I applaud you ..... people parking in mum & baby spaces drive me mad.

Caligula Fri 01-Jul-05 22:37:16

Always take numbers, always call the police.

They really do go and have a word, and it re-inforces the unacceptability of that behaviour.

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