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An ode to Twiga!

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popadopalis Fri 01-Jul-05 18:00:54

Just wanted to create a thread in honour of Twiga as she is the fabest friend I have ever known. This may be worthy of the passing of a sick bucket but I just thought she should get some weel deserved praise and adulation.

I have known Twiga for a little under five years now and I have to say I have never had a more loyal, caring, wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful, giving friend. She has been there for me through thick and thin and is still looking out for me and taking care of me even though we live far apart now.

Twiga, you are the best and I hope God blesses you greatly in the coming months. I'm sure He will. I am trully blessed to have you as a friend and sister. So glad I met you. God bless.

popadopalis Fri 01-Jul-05 18:07:11


Twiga Fri 01-Jul-05 18:49:07

Hey Pops, just noticed this - thanks , paticularly on a day when I'm tired, feel like a beached whale and am recieving hefty kicks in the ribs from bubs!

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