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Show me how great and clever you all are!

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Flamesparrow Fri 01-Jul-05 11:11:51

Our NTL remote came with a list of 3 digit codes (loads - ones for each make of tv) to programme into it so it works as a remote for the tv as well....

I've lost the codes and its reset itself.

I know I've found them online before, but I can't find them again


sparklymieow Fri 01-Jul-05 11:12:21

what telly is it??

Flamesparrow Fri 01-Jul-05 11:13:35


There are 6 or so different codes for a beko and I remember it was just a case of trying each til it worked.

Twiglett Fri 01-Jul-05 11:14:27

do I get a gold star?

Twiglett Fri 01-Jul-05 11:15:07

great *AND* clever remember .. this is the actual codes list, other link was the instructions

Flamesparrow Fri 01-Jul-05 11:15:51

Gold stars, hugs and all things sparkly!!!

Was expectin the link to be the bat to start with!!!

Flamesparrow Fri 01-Jul-05 11:17:26

In my favourites now

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