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Does Pilates really change your body shape?

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arabella2 Mon 09-Jun-03 12:19:02

Does anyone have evidence of this working??? I've bought myself a set of pilates cds and picture cards but would like motivational stories please!!!

M2T Mon 09-Jun-03 12:54:55

I bought the yogalates video and for 2 weeks (2 days a week)I did the abdominal and pevlic floor exercises. I really felt a difference in my back and sides! I felt stronger and felt as though my posture had changed.... I had straightened up a bit.

So who knows what it would do if a I kept it going...... I have no will power!

SamboM Mon 09-Jun-03 12:56:39

I did pilates for 4 weeks and then didn't go for a couple of weeks cos I was feeling sick - turned out to be pg! So I never went back. I must say I didn't enjoy it much, I prefer the leaping about sort of exercise or cycling. Too controlled for a gallumphing elephant like me!

M2T Mon 09-Jun-03 12:59:58

SamboM - I know what you mean. With Pilates you never real feel like you are exercising. I was concentratin SO much on when to inhale and exhale and how to tense up muscles that seem to have disappeared that I didn't think I'd worked anything!! However, I rrrrrreally felt it the next day!

SamboM Mon 09-Jun-03 13:01:18

Yes, so did I! But as you say, you have to concentrate so hard and I kept forgetting things. The principles of it have helped me with my posture though

M2T Mon 09-Jun-03 13:03:37


I can hold my in tummy muscles (lower and upper) while breathing and I feel that really helps. When I refer back to the video in my head I find my posture improves. I just need to try to make that a permanent chagne!

MimsMum Mon 09-Jun-03 13:13:12

arabella2 - I did pilates for a long time, and found it very good for flat tummy. However, if you are after weight loss as well, you need to do some cardiovascular stuff too, like gym or aerobics. The two in combination really worked for me and I looked good..............then got pg!! Never looked the same since, need to get back into shape though, so am doing Race for Life to make me run!!

tamum Mon 09-Jun-03 13:19:42

I've been doing it for about 18 months, and it's helped my back problems a lot, but my tummy is much the same (i.e. flabby) unfortunately. I don't do enough practice in between classes though, so that may be it.

motherinferior Mon 09-Jun-03 14:21:43

I am doing antenatal pilates and I'm in much better contact with pelvic floor and abdominals than I was last time round - at 35 weeks I can still pull my tummy muscles in a bit. you do have to practise. And I think a proper teacher probably makes a serious difference. But I'd seriously recommend it - although don't know if it'll make any post-natal difference!

monkey Tue 10-Jun-03 09:02:36

I've heard that with pilates a class is important, but is a video useful (& ok to use in pregnancy?) does anyone know? I have had various problems with back/neck/shoulder/bum pain (latter only when sitting) and I've done some yoga before but heard that pilates was especially good for posture. Every pssible skeletal ache & pain seems to be visiting me this pregnancy, so I would like to try & imporve the situation. Poor dh can't even keep up with the varous things wrong at the moment! Class not really possible at the moment, so if anyone can vouch for video effectiveness & recommend one in particular I'd be interested. Thanks

M2T Tue 10-Jun-03 09:06:30

Monkey - the yogalates video I have has a section dedicated to abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. The woman on the vid says that it's excellent for women who have just had a baby. And there are guidelines on how to do the exercises safely during pregnancy. If you can get past the womans annoyingly soft and mellow voice then you'll really enjoy it.

monkey Tue 10-Jun-03 19:26:37

ta - might look into it. coincidentally, this very pm a friend lent me a blooming merveelous catalogue & they have a pilates in preg. video - too much of a coincidence, surely?

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