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Cold callers!!! aahhhh

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mandyc66 Thu 30-Jun-05 18:03:38

Can anyone tell me why these insane people always ring when you get home with the children from school and why they get so offended when you are not interested in their FATASTIC offer!!!!

Ladymuck Thu 30-Jun-05 18:11:19

Telephone Preference Service will stop those call if you want

mumtochloe Fri 01-Jul-05 09:22:45

Oooh I hate them too. Have registered with the Mailing Preference Service but it does not stop the calls from abroad.
Does anyone else get those bloody awful recorded messages stating a holiday has been won etc, and when you hang up they are still there until the message has finished meaning you can't even dial out on your own phone.

Arrgghhhh indeed Mandy!!

mandyc66 Fri 01-Jul-05 14:17:12

yes..I have lost count of how many I have won!! You come home and have a message on your answer phone of a message!! bazaar!!! Also if you hang up then pick up they are still talking! I have started getting a bit cross with the people on the other end of thephone! I usually say thet I am not the person they are looking for and she wont be in till after 6!!!!

Twiglett Fri 01-Jul-05 14:18:46

pick up the phone, ask them to hold on a minute, put down the phone (not on the hook so line still open) and get on with your life

after a few minutes they will realise and hang up and you will have succeeded in irritating them too

do the TPS though .. its wonderful, we never get them any more

mandyc66 Fri 01-Jul-05 14:19:58

we should play some irritaiting music down the line!!!!

sheepgomeep Fri 01-Jul-05 16:41:12

I was really rude to some bloke just now on the phone. He spouted my address at me and i asked him how the hell he got my adress. I must have got under his skin because he said how dare you be so rude, did I learn no manners to which I replied 'no! and he said 'well your oviously not a human being then and hung the phone up!!
WTF!! pmsl

I don't think the telephone preference agency can prevent overseas international calls though unless i'm mistaken? I get 4 or 5 a day some days

mandyc66 Fri 01-Jul-05 18:55:57

one asked me how much my house was worth..I said what has it to do with you!!!!

MistressMary Fri 01-Jul-05 19:23:09

Telephone preference service has knocked a massive hols in the cold callers, but still get recorded messages though.
If you get bothered by sales though tell them your registered with TPS.
I had one a while back and told them this and they were most apologetic.

80sMum Fri 01-Jul-05 19:31:20

If you're registered with TPS and you still get cold calls, make sure you lodge a cpmplaint. They have an online form you can fill in. We find that if we start asking the caller for their name and the name and address of the company they're working for they get curious and ask why. We then tell them it's because we need the information to fill in the TPS complaint form. They usually hang up after that!

mytwopenceworth Fri 01-Jul-05 23:01:39

oh, i love them! you can have loads of fun!

if they ask you how are you today, say my god, you are the first person to ask me that in so long. my husband doesnt care, my kids are driving me bonkers, i've got this lump in my armpit thats quite sore, you cant see anything but its really annoying, my husband went down the pub again im sure he's playing away with the barmaid, i found a blonde hair on his jacket last night - im not blonde! etc etc - keep going for as long as you can in one unbroken sentence!

if they want you to get a loan, tell them that would be great, you could use the cash since the house is about to be reposessed, how much can they give you and how soon will you get it (alternativly, 'misunderstand' them and be so grateful that they have phoned you to GIVE you money! Be unable to understand when they try to correct you and keep thanking them for the gift and when will you get it)

keep asking them to repeat every sentence several times, keep interrupting them - could you say that again please

ask them for their name, (spelling please, how do you spell the company name, how long have they been operating, who's the managing director, where are they based, how many people work there etc etc

when they tell you their name eg Sarah, cry out oh my god SARAH, i thought i recognised your voice, how have you been, its been ages! fancy this, what a coincidence.

say sorry, but im not allowed to agree to anything without my lawyer present

say how interesting tell me more BITCH terribly sorry, i have toretts, STINKING WHORE, so sorry, please go on SLAG SLAG, no, i am listening PUT THE KETTLE ON please bear with me, F*K YOU TART, pardon me.................

mandyc66 Sat 02-Jul-05 07:04:00

cant wait for the next call now!!!!!!

basketcase Sat 02-Jul-05 07:35:42

Telesales man: "this wil be only a quick call sir.."
DH: "shorter than you think mate!" - phone put down

Telesales person "Hello, am I speaking to the owner or the house?"
Me: "If you don’t know my name then I don’t want to speak to you." phone put down.

I HATE COLD CALLERS - total invasion of privacy. Mailing preferences only stops companies who are reputable and willing to use that list, doesn’t stop all the rest (99% of them). Stil, worth it if it stops a handful. We seem to get more and more - usually when i am on my own bathing the kids AAAGGH.

mandyc66 Sat 02-Jul-05 07:39:45

Do you think they watch us and think ahhh they are busy now I will phone them!!!!
My DS just says I am sorry they dont live here!!!

tatt Sat 02-Jul-05 09:20:55

I have tried all these - my favourite being hold the line I don't think we have anyone of that name - then leaving the phone for several minutes before saying I'm still checking. However the most effective has been to take the name of the company then find their e-mail on the web and e-mail them (from a hotmail account not my home e-mail). I have now registered with the tps but at least one company (Anglian) feels entitled to go on calling for 3 months afterwards. I believe any company with a registered office in this country (and they often have even if the call centre is in India) can still be prosecuted

moschops Sat 02-Jul-05 09:32:00 that 'Anglian Improvements'?. i used to get calls off them all the the end i told them i had asked them repeatedly not to call, that i had kept a record of all the calls they had made to me and if they phoned again i would report them to BT for abusing the terms of their contract.

they never phoned again.......

what really annoyed me about them was their insistence that i had arranged for a 'representative' to come round and give me a quote for windows.....when i had done no such thing...then when i told them i already had UPVc windows they replied 'but only on the front of the property' which i replied 'then you will be hearing from my solicitor as to gain access to the back of my property you would have been trespassing' ...........even after this they still kept calling!!!!

tatt Sat 02-Jul-05 12:48:36

I think so, moschops. They just said Anglian but I believe they are different bits of the same mob.

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