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pleaserewind Thu 30-Jun-05 16:15:24

why does my 6 year old never play with any of his toys? All he ever does is play outside on his bike or go on the playstation. Is this normal?
I have today brought downstairs k'nex, remote control cars ,allsorts and guess what he wants to arrrrrrrrgh
think the charity shop is in for a treat

zubb Thu 30-Jun-05 16:17:58

with this weather though I think they mainly want to be outside and then when they are in are tired so just want to sit and do something easy. Whens the weather is worse does he play with his toys more?
My 2 are little (3 and 19 months) but aren't really playing with any indoor toys at the moment as they want to be outside from the moment they get up to when they fall into bed.

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