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***This is a thread about how you could help to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and get a bit happier and healthier in the process - PLEASE READ***

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popsycal Fri 01-Jan-10 20:39:10

Message withdrawn

popsycal Fri 01-Jan-10 20:51:16

bump until someone replies

cocohasleftthebuilding Fri 01-Jan-10 20:53:27

Me! I was training for the race for life last year but damaged my foot. I'll try again this year, even if I have to walk.

popsycal Fri 01-Jan-10 20:54:53

oh coco thank you. I will make a list tomorrow...due you need alink to a training plan?

cocohasleftthebuilding Fri 01-Jan-10 20:57:58

No thanks I have a fair idea what to do, my Dads a runner smile


geordieminx Fri 01-Jan-10 20:58:17

Wouldnt it be great if MN'ers collectively could run 1000 miles or something?

Or 10,000?

Or 1,000,000!!!!


ZZMum Fri 01-Jan-10 20:59:18

count me in - sounds like a great cause.. will need every bit of help support and training plans available though!

cocohasleftthebuilding Fri 01-Jan-10 21:00:03

[gags geordieminx]

Wiseoldelf Fri 01-Jan-10 21:01:46

I'll be in for this too.

Macmillan is something very precious to my family

popsycal Fri 01-Jan-10 21:02:22

We have a kind of background plan of seeing how many miles.marathons we can run between us

I iwll post tomorrow with some more information - and hopefully my running gals will pop over and share their stories

MerlinsBeard Fri 01-Jan-10 21:03:52

I need a kick up the bum to get back exercising but for now i will linger on the threads until i can trust myself to not take this too far (long story)

cocohasleftthebuilding Fri 01-Jan-10 21:07:58

Ohhhhh you got a sticky [impressed]

popsycal Fri 01-Jan-10 21:09:27

ask and it shall be delivered <touches nose mysteriously >

Twink Fri 01-Jan-10 21:10:19

Howdee Popsycal et al,

There's a certain irony here as I've never mentioned that MrT was a born & bred Geordie! It's also taking place on the weekend closest to his birthday, which makes it great distraction therapy for me and miniT.

Off to visit his relatives tomorrow, ski jackets already out and ready to go, South Shields here we come!

popsycal Fri 01-Jan-10 21:17:00

important info for new runners please read

straight forward 5k training plan if you want to run all the way

week 5k training plan to get you round comfortably with a few walk breaks

another 5k plan for running all the way

And gosh! I almost forgot - if you have an ipod, get on itunes. In the podcast section, serach for the couch to 5k podcast by Robert Ullrey. He is marginally annoying but the music 'beeps' when you change froma walk to a run. This is what I used this time last year to start from scratch again after having ds3

popsycal Fri 01-Jan-10 21:18:31

Oh wow Twink!
You never said! I was in South Shields today. I would like to talk to you about a route i was thinking about taking for my 'leg' of the run.

email me - popsycal2005

brace yourself for the snow

popsycal Fri 01-Jan-10 21:20:36

There is another podcast called Suz;s couch to 5k podcast although I can't vouch for how good it is

fishie Fri 01-Jan-10 21:23:28

brilliant popsy.

also helpful for getting started indiesouprunner podcasts i particularly like the nov and dec ones. and angry chick rockers.

sfxmum Fri 01-Jan-10 21:35:04

thanks popsy brilliant start smile
looking forward to it

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Fri 01-Jan-10 21:45:18

<edges in> Hmm is it ok if I sign up.. My NYR is to get running again having started in the summer and loved it then hurt my ankle whilst drunk falling on some steps

MrsWednesday Fri 01-Jan-10 21:49:18

Excellent, great idea to post it today Popsy. I'm in for 10k, maybe more if I can get my fitness back. Am I ok to confirm a final distance nearer to the time?

popsycal Fri 01-Jan-10 21:52:49

MrsW - that's fine

Powerof greyskull - you are not my siter, are you ;)

popsycal Fri 01-Jan-10 21:53:03


ByThePowerOfGreyskull Fri 01-Jan-10 21:53:22

I do have a sister.....

popsycal Fri 01-Jan-10 21:53:48

checked your profile - I am still safe in my relative anonymity

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