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weather in sydney australia

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bellow Thu 30-Jun-05 11:13:09

I remember being in Sydney in February, beg of March, and the weather was nice, we were still able to get to the beach. I wondered what it is really like between March and June - are the rain and the humidity difficult to cope with?
And what about June/July/August, would we need coats and hats?

bloss Thu 30-Jun-05 11:31:08

Message withdrawn

bellow Thu 30-Jun-05 13:05:12

You were swimming in early May? Are you saying that if I do not have anythng better to do, I can actually spend also the months between March and May on the beach????? We seem to have had such a long winter here, and summer cannot get going. By the way I am not English, I am Italian, so I will probably bring a coat and a hat!

bloss Thu 30-Jun-05 13:17:18

Message withdrawn

jenkel Thu 30-Jun-05 13:56:41

I've been in Sydney August/September, not really hats/coats weather generally but you would need long sleeves and I seem to remember it getting really cold early evening.

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