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South Wales

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PeachyClair Thu 30-Jun-05 10:48:47


Just moved to South Wales (Caerleon) and know NO_ONE

Would love a toddler group (I have two year old) etc to go to, but it must be one that I can take my 4 year old and Austistic 5 Year old to in the holidays, as I said, I know NO-ONE here, so have no babysitters at all.

Ideas for cheap places to take them to also please?

spacecadet Thu 30-Jun-05 19:05:02

cant help you but am bumping this up for you

Cybermum Thu 30-Jun-05 19:27:37

Hi PeachyClair

I live in Newport with 2dds aged 12 and 8. Sorry can't help you with toddler groups in Caerleon. I don't know if you have transport but these are some of the places we used to go a lot when dds were younger:

Community Farm at Cwmbran, we used to have a season ticket and visit every week to see piglets getting bigger etc aloso good play area.

Boating lake at Llantarnum - park, walk around pond and boating lake.

Tredgar Park at Newport - load of space, playgrounds etc. Only cost is car park, used to do a season ticket for that.

And if you can get there St Fagans Open Air museum at Cardiff, is a brilliant day out. Even very little ones love going in and out of houses and having a picnic. Entry is free, although they may charge for the car park now.

Also Newport Centre (close to bus station) has pool and soft play sessions for toddlers.

Hope this helps, I hope you find a toddler group soon. Have you tried contacting the local HV they generally know all the local groups.

Mum2Ela Thu 30-Jun-05 19:36:20

Hi PeachyClair

I am in South Wales (outskirts of Newport like you, but other side.

I take DD (3 in Sept) to a Jo JIngles (music) group in Bassaleg, tho they are held in other places also (incl. Rogerstone), but are not held during the holidays.

How about Soft Play in the local leisure centres? They have it in Newport Leisure Centre, tho there may be a leisure centre closer to you?

A couple of fab places if you are able to travel are 'Jump' and 'Cafe Junior' (both have websites:

'Jump' is in Llanishen and is a massive warehouse with a great toddler area and a cafe, a sensory room (often used for sn children) and a 'quiet room' (sofas, plasma tv, newspapers), as well as a football area, small bowling area and huge climbing frame things and trampolines (sounds scarey, its not!). Been there today myself and you alwasy get talking to other mums.

'Cafe Junior' is a cafe with a large area with lots of lovely wooden toys / dressing up clothes etc. for the kids. Its fab as they also have classes there (baby signing, baby yoga etc) and after the class you can stay and play.

I have enroled DD amnd DS in a gymnasium which is by TGI Fridays, just outside Cardiff (on Newport Road). Its called 'Somersault'. I can give you some more info if you want it.

Obv. all the above cost, but you can pick and choose.

'Free' activities could be:
~ Cardiff Bay: either park at the barrage and walk around it, bout 15 minute walk, you get to a lovely park . Or park near where all the cafes are and take bikes, let the kids ride around the Oval Basin (now called Roald Dahl Plass I think), which is by the Millennium Centre.

~ Spend a day at Roath Park. Lots to do there incl, a park, big lake for walking round / boating on, lots to gardens to wander around.

I know all the above are a bit Cardiff-orientated and I don't know if you have transport, but there may be similar things near to you.

Let me know if you wantsome more info.


Mum2Ela Thu 30-Jun-05 19:37:39

forgot Tredegar Park. Only around the corner from me too. Parking there is free now.

PeachyClair Thu 30-Jun-05 19:39:20

thanks for the info all!
All very useful.

The Somersault sounds good, as does jump as all of mychildren have either a level of hearing loss, and one has Aspergers. Do you have any more info?

Mum2Ela Thu 30-Jun-05 19:44:22

Somersault do classes for under 3's, 3 to 4 yr olds, then school age up to yr 7 (in various classes). Those are the gym classes.

They also run a trampolining junior group and senior group.

Tel no. 02920 495111

Give them a ring and I am sure they will send you their timetable and prices. I know there is a waiting list atm for the under 3's and 3-4 yr olds.

Jump have a website (I think its or but will check in a min). It really is a fab place.

Mum2Ela Thu 30-Jun-05 19:45:52

Website for Jump above

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