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Tasteful 'Topless' Mumsnet Calendar?

(25 Posts)
ks Sun 08-Jun-03 18:49:28

Message withdrawn

pie Sun 08-Jun-03 18:51:17

Considering the state of my body post babies and breastfeeding, I think I would have to pay other people to take the calendar of my hands

MABS Sun 08-Jun-03 19:00:13

and I'd have to sellotape all the pages of the calendar together to cover my stomach...

Janeway Sun 08-Jun-03 19:01:26

there might be some rude suggestions about where to put Gina Ford

gosh2 Sun 08-Jun-03 19:37:15


It might act as a form of contraception to other women without children. I can only speak for myself, but once they say the state of my saggy tits, lumpy tummy, bags under eyes etc they may think again!

Have you ever seen "Theres something about Mary" and Matt Dillon looks through his binoculars and thought he was looking at Cameron Diaz topless????! Well that is what I am picturing, a whole lot of mummies who have boobies like that!

It may sell, there are a lot of sick sick people out there.

ks Sun 08-Jun-03 19:41:19

Message withdrawn

doormat Sun 08-Jun-03 19:42:26

Yes ks as the centerfold.

Great thread

meanmum Sun 08-Jun-03 19:44:12

Yeah, good idea all, we could market it as a new form of contraception with oh so honest comments from mums about life with children. I'll be the June calendar girl with a close up of my millions of very ugly stretch marks.

bunny2 Sun 08-Jun-03 20:02:34

Brilliant idea! I could do a steamy, drippy, sexy pose over the steriliser. I am quite pert so always happy to get show them off for a good cause.

doormat Sun 08-Jun-03 20:04:10

December girl standing there in the buff under mistletoe with tinsel hanging off her nipples and a red bow (or maybe fake santa beard) covering her down below bits.
maybe with a warning on what can happen 9 months later due to alcholic frolics

tamum Sun 08-Jun-03 20:08:50

Maybe a couple of strategically placed breast pumps?

ks Sun 08-Jun-03 20:10:10

Message withdrawn

ninja Sun 08-Jun-03 20:12:15

Get all the pregnant mumsnetters to do it a la Demi Moore - pregnant bellies are great!

XAusted Sun 08-Jun-03 20:30:42

I wouldn't need sunflowers to hide my boobs. A couple of daisies would do.

Demented Sun 08-Jun-03 22:55:03


I don't think I want to be in it though that would be too scary!

leese Mon 09-Jun-03 18:23:17

I'll kneel seductively, covered in a giant muslin, sexily cleaning vomit from a plush carpet.

Queenie Mon 09-Jun-03 18:31:54

I'll appear with my long yellow marigolds gently caressing large poo freshly retrieved from dd's pants(again) and pouting Catalina stylie while trying to disguise lop-sided breast feeding boobs with sidewards pose. You can almost smell the dettol, can't you, heavenly.

leese Mon 09-Jun-03 19:03:14

Queenie - thats FANTASTIC! They'll be flocking from miles around to buy it

WideWebWitch Mon 09-Jun-03 20:55:17

Ha ha everyone. I'll be the grumpy, pregnant, unglowing one, the antithesis of the Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover. It'll take more than a couple of poxy sunflowers to cover my enormous bosoms too

bossykate Mon 09-Jun-03 21:44:05

lucky you, www! mine just *felt* like enormous frozen (yes, cold, don't know why) footballs that would arrive in the room before i did, but they didn't *look* any different!

alibubbles Mon 09-Jun-03 21:50:21

I'll be the Reubens lookalike!

tamum Mon 09-Jun-03 21:52:05

That reminds me, perhaps we could use frozen cabbage leaves to combine hiding our modesty with a useful tip at the same time?

chanelno5 Tue 10-Jun-03 13:19:37

I could be holding a couple of potties to cover my heaving(?) bosoms, spend all my day emptying them anyway!

M2T Tue 10-Jun-03 13:27:17


XAusted Tue 10-Jun-03 21:21:00

Emptying what, chanelno5? Potties or bosoms?

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