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lemonice Wed 29-Jun-05 13:31:08

Is this going to be big in your house Perplexcity

lemonice Wed 29-Jun-05 14:41:12

I will have someone answer this question

QueenOfQuotes Wed 29-Jun-05 14:42:41

no - because there's plenty of 'free' stuff to do online without having to buy the puzzle cards!

starlover Wed 29-Jun-05 14:42:53

no, because i can't be arsed to read all the blurb on the site! lol

lemonice Wed 29-Jun-05 14:48:39

Thank you..I am curious as I read in the business section of the Observer that it was tipped to be big, and hoped someone would explain it better than the website does...the prize money doesn't seem that much for a Global adventure tbh

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