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after how long did ur periods return post-preg & how long did u b/f?

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jinglybits Wed 29-Jun-05 00:50:01

Just doing research! feeling like a bit of an odd one out!!! ds is 14mths and still no periods! wanting to try for another baby but obviously its not going to happen! still b/f him once a day at bedtime.

hana Wed 29-Jun-05 01:09:19

8 months with dd1 b/f until 15 months
dd2 is 6 months and no period yet

happy to have no period of course!

bobbybob Wed 29-Jun-05 02:03:08

Still bfing ds aged 28 months, periods returned at 10 months.

suzywong Wed 29-Jun-05 02:19:27

after 6 weeks with both ds
bf the first til 16 mo still going at 22 with the second

Weatherwax Wed 29-Jun-05 07:24:37

Can,t remember with dd1 but fairly quickly as breastfeeding was compromised. With DD2 periods stared immediately and I breast fed until age 3. I was given some medicine to "stop" pnd though which I stoped because of the long first period.

throckenholt Wed 29-Jun-05 07:25:51

about 4-5 months both times (breastfed for 12 months first time and 9 months second time).

A friend also didn't get hers back until she stopped feeding altogether. I know which I would prefer - but if you want a second baby it changes your perspective I guess .

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