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Car seats and car crashes...........

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emmatmg Tue 28-Jun-05 21:33:25

DS3's car seat has been through both his brothers so it's now been in use almost constantly for 6 yrs.

We had a few little prangs in our car, nothing that has caused injuries to anyone, but I'm wondering if the car seat is still ok.

I know that advice is to change it if it has been in a accident, which it obviously has, just not serious ones.

It's old for a car seat too IMO.

Would you get a new one?

we need one that is a centre/lap belt fastening one and in mothercare ATM they have one in the sale.

I just bought DS1+2 new booster seats ones that are on sale on the kiddeicare site, so am thinking Ds3 should have a new one too, but is it nessesary?

starlover Tue 28-Jun-05 21:34:31

hmm tbh i think i would. simply because car seat safety has come a long way in the last few years.
so a new one will probably be safer than the older one regardless of crashes etc iyswim

misdee Tue 28-Jun-05 21:35:28

yes. and check on the britax site to make sure it'll fit your car as well.

emmatmg Tue 28-Jun-05 21:35:52

That's what I'm thinking to, starlover

emmatmg Tue 28-Jun-05 21:39:30

do you know the web addy for it, misdee?

starlover Tue 28-Jun-05 21:40:13

it's here emmatmg!

emmatmg Tue 28-Jun-05 21:40:17

scrap that, found it....

emmatmg Tue 28-Jun-05 22:06:05

Arrrggghhh, it won't go past the first page on there.

emmatmg Tue 28-Jun-05 22:09:58

scrap that too, it worked just then.......

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