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Foolproof deletion of 'history' in internet programmes - ITexperts please advise.

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Blu Tue 28-Jun-05 12:52:55

Just in case this poster isn't sure, can you help? here

usualmnetter Tue 28-Jun-05 12:57:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blu Tue 28-Jun-05 13:51:56

Thank you.

HappyDaddy Tue 28-Jun-05 14:05:50

If a suspicious and techy enough person comes along, they can still find what you've visited if they dig deep enough. Just a warning.

flamesparrow Tue 28-Jun-05 14:08:49

Only read a teeny bit of the link to the thread... What right does someone have to make somenoe else feel like that and HAVE to hide their life.

Wanting to hug her lots, and beat him with big sticks.

sadom Tue 28-Jun-05 18:37:10

I use a programme called Internet Sweeper.

I can be Obtained by going to \link{

select "utilities" and search for "internet sweeper"

I hope that this is ok!

sadom Tue 28-Jun-05 18:49:37

My last message didnt appear as I meant it to!

For free downloads , including Internet Sweeper I go to:

Look at the Blue panel on the Left hand side of page, and select:


Then to R hand side of Download Page and select:


and Search for the programme you want.

In this case
Internet Sweeper

I hope that this makes sense!!

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