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Christening gift suggestions please

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tex111 Mon 27-Jun-05 17:34:18

I need to buy christening gifts for two sisters, one is two and the other is almost one. Any suggestions? My budget is around 30 pounds each.

fishfinger Mon 27-Jun-05 17:36:38

loads of cute stuff on letterbox - there s laink ont he mn shopping page

also recomend the italin kids cutlery - will post a link - or a littel plate and cups et - there sa cute emler one in our local cook shop

fishfinger Mon 27-Jun-05 17:37:55

ds3 loves his

or oyu could get a lion kids bible

fishfinger Mon 27-Jun-05 17:38:38

wished aslo I had got hte cute chairs from here

fishfinger Mon 27-Jun-05 17:39:32


fishfinger Mon 27-Jun-05 17:40:46

(sorry will go now) or a nice set of books - like the rainbow fish or a collection of hardback stories or pop up books - somoen got one of the dsses a book token to choose his own - bery nice

giraffeski Mon 27-Jun-05 18:06:48

Message withdrawn

Dophus Mon 27-Jun-05 18:15:37

When DS was born one of my favourite presents was a silver Pooh birth certificate holder. You roll up the certificate and put it in (rather than a frame). I thought this was great idea as I dread to think how many times I have had to apply for a copy of my own!

Littlefish Mon 27-Jun-05 19:08:16

I gave my god-daughter an apple tree. Her parents planted it in the garden and now she can eat the fruit from it (she's 11) ! They even dug it up when they moved and planted it in their new garden. I like to give gifts which last.

A small but lovely gift my dd was given for her Christening was a book of the UN convention's children's rights, told in words and pictures. It's a really beautiful book. It is written in conjunction with Unicef.

spacecadet Mon 27-Jun-05 20:23:48

when my ds2 was christened, my friend bought him a 25 pound baby bond.

lockets Mon 27-Jun-05 20:24:34

Message withdrawn

lockets Mon 27-Jun-05 20:25:55

Message withdrawn

acnebride Mon 27-Jun-05 20:27:47

You could look for a rose or fruit tree that has a similar name to the christenees - a favourite thing in our family.

Or consider 'buying' trees planted by the Woodland Trust or Future Forests.

jayzmummy Tue 28-Jun-05 02:49:50

have a look here

anorak Tue 28-Jun-05 08:17:01

I make cross-stitch birth samplers for thirty pounds each, including frames. If you want to see one CAT me and I'll email you the pictures.

fishfinger Tue 28-Jun-05 09:57:44

oi tex what do you think

hayleylou Tue 28-Jun-05 09:58:41

name a star as a joint present!

desperatehousewife Tue 28-Jun-05 10:02:24

A tree to be planted in their garden, so they can watch it grow as they grow!

tex111 Tue 28-Jun-05 11:13:18

Sorry gals, off agonising over baby names. Thank you so much for the lovely ideas. I do have two issues though - the family lives in Singapore so unfortunately plants and trees are out (but I'll definitely remember that for future christenings as it's a lovely idea) and the christening is on Sunday so no time to order anything elaborate.

I do like the little plate and cups idea, or some nice cutlery. Also some nice books. Does anyone still give silver for christenings? I did wonder about some nice silver frames, or is that too naff?

Carameli Tue 28-Jun-05 11:21:10

my daughter got a lovely set of Royal doulton. Its made of melamine(I think thats what its called) a sort of plastic which means she uses it all the time. She also had a lovely set from Wedgwood but we have not really used that much as its china. Still nice for the future though.

There are also some lovely money boxes around. DD got a lovely silver pig one, Pooh bear limed oak one and a Royal Worcester SUndays child....etc All really lovely.

fishfinger Tue 28-Jun-05 12:30:57

JOhn lewis do nice christenign frames

fishfinger Tue 28-Jun-05 12:31:50

she could put ehr teeth in this for the tooth fairy

desperatehousewife Tue 28-Jun-05 13:21:39

in ideal home this month (?!) it suggests a silver plated bubble blower - from MOthercare (?!) at £8 - bargain!

Or a silver marmite pot top.

or a tiffany engraved key ring.

tortoiseshell Tue 28-Jun-05 13:26:22

this site has lots of different gifts.

bambi06 Tue 28-Jun-05 13:58:20

signing plates..where everyone or just family write an inscription on a plate/bowl which is then painted over by the professional potters and then glazed and its ready to give .. theres a company near us that do pottery parties for kids/hen nights/ adults etc and theres lots of plain unglazed pottery that you can choose from which you then paint and then they glaze it for you and a week later you get it back but i saw some lovely signing plates that were used as christening gifts/anniversary presents etc . have a look at "all fired up" in east dulwich , they should have a website see what they`ve got

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