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I am so EXCITED....Guess what hubby has arranged!

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meggymoo Mon 27-Jun-05 14:26:12

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Mon 27-Jun-05 14:26:36

Oh, wow! Enjoy!

Ladymuck Mon 27-Jun-05 14:27:18

Your husband managed to arrange a babysitter and a dogsitter?! I didn't think that men were physically capable of doing uch a thing!

meggymoo Mon 27-Jun-05 14:29:12

Message withdrawn

Fio2 Mon 27-Jun-05 14:30:43

excellent stuff I am very jealous

anorak Mon 27-Jun-05 14:31:05

Blimey. It may be your first night out together in 18 months but your dh knows how to do it in style! Have a wonderful time!

fishfinger Mon 27-Jun-05 14:31:44

oh how sweet!

jayzmummy Mon 27-Jun-05 14:34:30

jayzmummy Mon 27-Jun-05 14:35:04

but also very for lucky thing

meggymoo Mon 27-Jun-05 14:37:49

Message withdrawn

Willow2 Mon 27-Jun-05 14:49:54

The sign of a truly good hotel is that they don't raise an eyebrow at baby sick on kaftans. If they do it's their problem, not yours!

meggymoo Mon 27-Jun-05 14:57:14

Message withdrawn

almostanangel Mon 27-Jun-05 15:26:12

oooooooooooooooooooooohhh very nice have fun!

ssd Mon 27-Jun-05 16:02:27

meggy have a great time!

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