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ggglimpopo Mon 27-Jun-05 14:24:47

Message withdrawn

Aero Mon 27-Jun-05 14:25:30

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Well done you.

Fio2 Mon 27-Jun-05 14:26:13

oh well done

hunkermunker Mon 27-Jun-05 14:26:15

Woohoo! Congratulations! Am really excited for you!

Want to finish mine by the time I'm 30. Am 30 on Thursday...

ggglimpopo Mon 27-Jun-05 14:26:18

Message withdrawn

katierocket Mon 27-Jun-05 14:26:53

is it good?

ggglimpopo Mon 27-Jun-05 14:27:56

Message withdrawn

anorak Mon 27-Jun-05 14:29:28

Well done!

I'm also trying to write a book. Guess I'm almost halfway through and so far it's taken me about 2 years. Feels like I'll never get it finished. You must be feeling wonderful!!

Let us know if it's published won't you?

beetroot Mon 27-Jun-05 21:05:58

Message withdrawn

weesaidie Mon 27-Jun-05 21:16:04

Fantastic news!

Anorak - I have been doing mine on and off for about 2 years and am probably a fifth of the way through!

In fact I should perhaps been spending more time doing that than on MN!

ggglimpopo Tue 28-Jun-05 07:05:30

Message withdrawn

shanker Tue 28-Jun-05 07:19:31

good for you!
so who have you got lined up to play you in the film?

marthamoo Tue 28-Jun-05 07:21:34

Respect, gglimpopo - I am really impressed when someone actually does it!

I want to finish mine by the time I'm 30 too, hunkermunker. Unfortunately, I'm 36 in October.

ggglimpopo Tue 28-Jun-05 07:42:51

Message withdrawn

beetroot Tue 28-Jun-05 08:29:50

Message withdrawn

edam Tue 28-Jun-05 08:33:43

Kristin Scott-Thomas? Cool and beautiful...

Well done on finishing book - I had to stay up last night in order to read two versions of my friend's short story that she wasn't happy with, plus another one she was happy with, and that was hard enough (she called at 10.30!). Can only imagine how hard it is to write the things, yet alone a whole book...

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