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Can anyone help with how to set up a pressure group? What are our legal obligations, if any?

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NameChangerForGoodReason Mon 27-Jun-05 10:33:09

A group of us are trying to set up an organisation to help women. I can't say more than that but what do we need to do about legal entity? Do we need to register as a charity? I know the Charity Commission imposes certain rules though if we do this (quite rightly), do we have to? The sole reason for the group's existence is to help a particular group of women and to ensure that these womens' views are fairly represented. We won't make any money or a profit, in fact we will probably end up donating cash ourselves to i.e. set up a website/make phone calls etc. So, do we need a legal entity or can we just be x no of people who = a pressure and support group? Thanks to anyone who can help or point us in the right direction.

sharklet Mon 27-Jun-05 10:39:12

Why not contact the chairty's commission and ask for thier criteria and any advice in setting up a charity. There must be some support from them I would think.

Good luck with it.


Tortington Mon 27-Jun-05 19:06:07

if you are collecting money you should set up a bank account and set up a set of rules or "constitution". this can be as simple as the name of your group, who you represent, when you meet, what would happen to the money if yur group folds and how elections are carried out. you can get copies of constitutions online google draft or sample constitution.

setting up a charity is a lot of paperwork and the "help" by the charity commission is well ermm... dubious but with perserverence an unknowledgeable group of volunteers could get through.

now. for more professional advice your local council will have a CVS or "council for voluntary service. they will be able to give you lots of help and support and help you with advertising and funding and point you in the direction of other groups who might be ablr to help you with equipment or room hire etc. any other questions feel free to CAT me. as this is my line of work

Tortington Mon 27-Jun-05 19:11:32

bank accounts have their own forms in the bank and to set one up you need a chair person secretary and treasurer. these people should be fairly elected by your members.

who are your members<questionmark> this information should be in your constitution or rules. so for instance a residents association would say members are the residents of worthing borough council in the castle ward. you might say members are people who attend your meetings twice or whatever.

also best to check with cvs that there isnt already a group covering this kind of thing - even if you havent herd of it doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

for more "legitamacy" invite local councillors and police or other such figures to your meetings as appropriate - you can ask speakers to say a bit at the beginning of a mtg - thank them then ask them to leave whilst you carry on the meeting.

also a good idea to get training for chair secretary and treasurer - you would be surprised how mild mannered people turn all power trippy when given a title!! i promise

NameChangerForGoodReason Mon 27-Jun-05 19:16:45

Thanks very much Custardo, I've sent you a CAT.

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