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Birthday present for 43 yr old dh

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handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 10:25:53

Sorry if you are all bored on advising re birthday presents (after a few threads recently on what to get granny etc).

Dh - works 60-70 hours per week, so doesn't get much time for hobbies or interests (at w'ends I insist he dedicates his time to the kids as he is not around in the week) - so that's one potential avenue closed off as far as presents go. Before children he used to be quite sporty.

In terms of 'experience' presents - I got him a balloon ride for his 40th which he enjoyed, but he never seems to get around to / find the time to do this sort of thing. For example, got him some vouchers to use for a massage at the local 'beauty parlour' (unisex!) and 2 years on he still hasn't used it despite the fact that he likes massages.

He likes 'quality' things but I am tired of buying him Mont Blanc accessories.

He likes reading about history (sounds exciting doesn't he!)

I'm short of inspiration. What present has your dh /dp particularly enjoyed and appreciated?

LittleStarsweeper Mon 27-Jun-05 10:29:53

Sounds like he needs a lovely weekend break with you. Find the kids a babysitter and give him a rest from work and children, charge your batteries too. There was a thread knocking about suggesting lovely places to go, although I guess it will depend on what neck of the woods you are in.

assumedname Mon 27-Jun-05 10:34:49

Get him something sporty (whatever he used to be into before children) and give him a couple of childfree hours every weekend to do it.

LittleStarsweeper Mon 27-Jun-05 10:35:13

Oh yes heres a couple they put on there. \link{url\ and \link{url\

LittleStarsweeper Mon 27-Jun-05 10:36:06

oh poo, I can never do that. Anyway you can decipher where to go I am sure.

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 10:43:59

Not feeling that generous assumedname. He takes no parental responsibility during the week, so I'm not granting him 2 hours off every weekend! - well should I? I don't get time off..

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 10:47:17


Thanks for your suggestions...only thing is both sets of grandparents are a bit too old and debilitated to look after the 1 yr old and 3yr old for a weekend.

But in principle, a weekend away is something he would enjoy.

assumedname Mon 27-Jun-05 10:52:33

Dh works away up to 10 days at a time, 12 hours every day. He still gets time to himself when he's at home, and I think he a) needs it, and b) deserves it.

However, my kids are school age and I guess yours are still at home?

What about getting him some family tree software, if he's into history?

assumedname Mon 27-Jun-05 10:53:46

Posts crossed hmc, now I know they're at home all day.

outofmydeppth Mon 27-Jun-05 10:57:06

Have a look at They even have a gift-finder tool for those who have everything - it's an excellent site (and no, I don't work for them!)

HellyBelly Mon 27-Jun-05 10:59:24

It's my dh's 44th today and I really struggled. He ended up telling me what he wanted but it took all the surpise away!

If we had the money then a weekend away (if could find a babysitter!) is what I would have gone for. Instead we're off for a chinese tonight and my sister is babysitting!

Sorry can't be of any help apart from to say I know what a nightmare it can be!

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 11:05:54


I have dangled that carrot in front of him, i.e. that when they are a bit older he can resume table tennis and football. I shall be more reasonable then

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 11:06:56

outofmydepth - thanks I'll take a ganders at that site.

Forgot to say - the idea of the family tree software sounds interesting assumedname

Marina Mon 27-Jun-05 11:09:53

Does his liking of "quality" extend to good music? He might like a sub to Word Magazine . Dh and I are both <cough> in this sort of age bracket and we love Word. It is really well-written and the free CD is fully of stuff you want to hear more of...

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 12:43:23

He's into Pink Floyd - enough said eh? However I'm quite interested in that magazine!

Somanykiddies Mon 27-Jun-05 17:55:59

How about looking on E bay for signed photos, cds, programmes etc. Did that for my dp and he was delighted.

handlemecarefully Tue 28-Jun-05 08:55:50

Now that's a plan!

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