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dental insurance

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TwoAngels Mon 27-Jun-05 10:14:46

does anyone have a dental insurance plan if so could someone recommend a company please...

TwoAngels Mon 27-Jun-05 10:40:34


TwoAngels Mon 27-Jun-05 10:42:32

am asking as one of my front teeth is going to fall out and there are no nhs dentist taking any one on have been on a list along with dd's for 8 months

sharklet Mon 27-Jun-05 10:50:27

I know HSA cover dental as well - but they don't arrange dentists for you they just give you a percantage of your cost back.

I seem to rememebr seeing a Norwich Union ad for it - or theres always BUPA

Emma x

TwoAngels Mon 27-Jun-05 10:59:33

thanks emma :0

hmmm was thinking about hsa I really don't understand all these insuarnce things....

have just been intouch with DENPLAN but again I don't understand what they do lol

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