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Help from people in Oz or Sydney - please....

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blossom2 Sun 26-Jun-05 20:41:18

I wondered if anyone could help me with this.

My friend has recently given birth in Sydney and I want to send her, baby, family something. Does anyone know of any good quality websites which i can order gifts from?? I'd rather not send anything from here as the cost would be too expensive and would like them to have wine perhaps....

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

eidsvold Mon 27-Jun-05 00:23:57

I used them one to send Christmas gifts when living in the UK


Used this oen to order baby stuff to be delivered for us to use when we came to Aus to visit family


big baby shop here


hope those are a help.

bloss Mon 27-Jun-05 05:40:10

Message withdrawn

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