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Old children's TV programmes - do you remember?

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Finbar Thu 05-Jun-03 21:40:28

Can anyone help me with the name of a childrens tv programme that has been eluding me for years?

It was on in the 70's - on ITV (so may be not many of you watched it, all being Blue Peter devotees!!) and it was about a little girl who was housebound due to an illness and she drew pictures of these stones/rocks/boulder type things outside her house ..(as I write this i am becoming increasingly aware of how mad this sounds - but I DO remember it!!!). It gets better....the boulders appeared to move closer and closer to the house - it was totally freaky and obviously made an impression on me(but not enough so I could remember the name!)

Please someone say that they remember it too? I'm counting on you.

EmmaTMG Thu 05-Jun-03 21:44:52

Blimey, I don't remember being a Blue Peter fan but reading your post I must have been........I have'nt a clue what your talking about!
Someone has got to know!

I'm already dying to know what it is

miggy Thu 05-Jun-03 21:46:32

I know the one you mean. Was it something to do with "marianne" I can only remember that much. Sorry- will bug me now too!

soyabean Thu 05-Jun-03 21:46:43

Its Marianne Dreams I am sure. I dont remember the programme but still have my copy of the book, I used to find it really spooky

Finbar Thu 05-Jun-03 21:47:55

YES it WAS something to do with Marianne - you star!

C'mon - can anyone else fill me in on this ? was it called Marianne's house or something like that?

soyabean Thu 05-Jun-03 21:48:40

Have found it: Catherine Storr. Dont know if its still in print.My copy cost 4'- so you can tell how old it is!

Finbar Thu 05-Jun-03 21:48:53

Soyabean - you've just made a mumsnetter very happy !!! It was so freaky - who on esrth allowed it to be broadcast?

Finbar Thu 05-Jun-03 21:49:30

Did the stones move closer to the house?

prufrock Thu 05-Jun-03 21:51:19

Don't remember the TV programme, but the story is definately from a book called Marriane Dreams, by Catherine Storr. There's a little boy in tehre too and she starts off being nice and drawing things for him to eat/use, then gets angry, scribbles over the windows and draws the stones - but she helps him escape in the end.

prufrock Thu 05-Jun-03 21:52:00

I type so slowly!

Finbar Thu 05-Jun-03 21:52:49

It's all coming back to me now!

soyabean Thu 05-Jun-03 21:53:22

They did. She was ill I think and she drew pictures with a stubby black pencil which she couldnt rub out.There was aboy in the house too, maybe disabled? I dont remember the TV programme, but the book was one of my favourites, one of only a dozen or so that I kept.

WideWebWitch Thu 05-Jun-03 21:55:21

here you go!

Finbar Thu 05-Jun-03 21:55:54

Wow - in less than 15 minutes I have had solved something that's been bugging me for yonks (there was always a worry that I dreamt the whole thing myself!)

Finbar Thu 05-Jun-03 21:58:48

wickedwaterwitch - thanks ...the weird thing is it ws made by ATV - which is who my Dad worked for as a TV cameraman ( I was obviously watching it out of some daughterly duty!!) That link you gave also has details of some of the other progs he worked on e.g. Timeslip - how do you do it Mumsnettesr?!!

jodee Thu 05-Jun-03 22:59:03

Never heard of that show, but it sounds fascinating, they should show some of these oldies again - which reminds me of an old fave, must have been around at the same time ('72/'73?), I used to love The Beachcombers - wish they'd show it again, oh and Champion the Wonder Horse! Please repeat these again, instead of Old Fools and Horses/The Good Life over and over ...

jodee Thu 05-Jun-03 22:59:44

drat - Only Fools and Horses ...

tamum Thu 05-Jun-03 23:05:27

Or maybe they could show "White Horses" again, one of my all time faves, complete with bad dubbing. It used to be on every school holiday after all, so it can't have been that bad?????

Furball Fri 06-Jun-03 08:24:06

Found this description

ESCAPE INTO NIGHT (early '70s)

SCARY supernatural childspooker based on CATHERINE STORR's novel Marianne's Dream. Sick girl draws house. The house appears in her dreams. And so the story builds up. She draws the boy at the window -but not his legs- so when he appears in the dream he's a cripple! Absolute bowel-loosener to a child! And, of course, the one-eyed tocks creeping slowly up the garden... help! The story still retains its laxative properties, especially when furious, blind and homicidal father-figure appears...

TV CREAM immortality rating -

I do sort of remember this, but when it was described a while back, someone said it was 'Children of the stones'

All I remember is a girl and a boy were trapped in a house and the stones were moving closer and they had to escape, but have no idea which programme it was.

Chiccadum Fri 06-Jun-03 08:29:30

As this is a thread about old programmes, can someone please tell me if they remember a programme called 'Mooncat' or something, it used to be on on a lunchtime and had a green cat that supposedly came from the moon and a really annoying man who played the piano, this man is now on Happy Monsters with the equally annoying little girl

Finbar Fri 06-Jun-03 12:07:07

Sorry I don't remember it - wickedwaterwitch where are you? - you seem to know the cyber places to find these things!

GillW Fri 06-Jun-03 12:55:40

The mooncat was in "Get up and go" - there's a bit about it - including a video clip - here , and even PC wallpaper here .

janh Fri 06-Jun-03 14:37:18

jodee, LOL at Old Fools and Horses, sounds like Ch 4 racing!

mmm Fri 06-Jun-03 19:38:57

Does anyone remember ' The Singing Ringing Tree'? (Tell me I'm not the only one )

iota Fri 06-Jun-03 21:09:46

Oh no I remember The Singing Ringing Tree' - but I'd prefer not to.

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