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child in my care has been arrested!!

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panicing Sun 26-Jun-05 01:06:10

long story short, neice was placed in my care on fri for 72hrs because of an investigation of physical abuse(beating) i was waiting for her to come back from going out and just got a call from police station, they are holding her!! am panicing!!
feel like i've let her down or something.

jampots Sun 26-Jun-05 01:12:10

how old is she?

panicing Sun 26-Jun-05 01:21:32

15, they're gonna keep her overnight, i'm going to go there now and see whats happening and will have to go there tomoro

jampots Sun 26-Jun-05 01:42:06

how can they keep her overnight? She;s a minor surely? And doesnt she need a responsible adult with her? Are you sure she isnt having you on?

Tortington Sun 26-Jun-05 17:02:26

am sure tey cant keep her overnight. my son was arrested at 15 for breaking at window the police told me straight away and asked me to go to the station.

lemonice Sun 26-Jun-05 17:42:45

What on earth has she done, I'm sure that she should be sent home even if she has to return tomorrow...I only had this once with dd at about 14 and she had been drinking but was just sent home with me after a talking to...shoplifting or fighting I would have thought the same sent home even if she had to be bailed

lemonice Sun 26-Jun-05 17:47:22

this might helpmy child has been arrested

lemonice Sun 26-Jun-05 18:10:51

Another useful link Criminal Justice Arrest

panicing Sun 26-Jun-05 21:11:58

thank you all for your posts, she was with a group of girls and was in a fight with another group, a girl she was with stole one of the rival phone so they were held for robbery.

It has been sorted now, the robbery squad took all the phones found on their possesion and went to the victims house this morn. she identified the phone and so they knew who took it, wasn't my neice so she was free to go, didnt get cautioned as there wasn't anything for her to answer too.

to tell you the truth, I was glad they kept her in, as it would teach her a leson not to hang out with those types of people.

Thanks again. i will prob be starting another thread for help with the situation as to why she's in my care.

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