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HappyHuggy Sun 26-Jun-05 00:08:18

Im in such a good mood tonight that i just wanted to share it with you all

((((((((sharing positive vibes))))))))))

HappyHuggy Sun 26-Jun-05 00:12:39

x 100

lockets Sun 26-Jun-05 00:12:46

Message withdrawn

HappyHuggy Sun 26-Jun-05 00:13:38

i dont even no why im so happy but im not gonna question it!

and im sober!!!

QueenOfQuotes Sun 26-Jun-05 00:15:32

kcemum Sun 26-Jun-05 00:16:15

I'm happy too!!!!!!!

half bottle of whine and orange segsations might have somethuing to do with it...hic

jampots Sun 26-Jun-05 00:17:49

Im happy too but wouldnt like to say why because everyone will think me horrid

HappyHuggy Sun 26-Jun-05 00:18:15

i wont think you're horrid jampots....

Janh Sun 26-Jun-05 00:18:25

lol at kcemum's whine

go on, jampots!

kcemum Sun 26-Jun-05 00:19:02

Oooh Jampot. spill the beans!

jampots Sun 26-Jun-05 00:19:38

well you've all got to post that you would feel the same and im not horrid afterwards

kcemum Sun 26-Jun-05 00:19:50

Whoops my DDs do whine I do WINE!!!!

lockets Sun 26-Jun-05 00:20:59

Message withdrawn

kcemum Sun 26-Jun-05 00:22:16

me too... hic

jampots Sun 26-Jun-05 00:22:31

well, my granny's had a farm and 2 other properties but she died in 1981 and my uncle lived there before and since. I found out about a year or 2 ago that the properties are still in my grandma's name and so effectively as she predeceased my mum, then as of 1981 my mum would have been entitled to a quarter share of all property/assets (she has 3 siblings).... with me so far?

bubble99 Sun 26-Jun-05 00:23:10

C'mon jampots. Spill. It can't be that bad.

HappyHuggy Sun 26-Jun-05 00:23:19

am keeping up so far....

kcemum Sun 26-Jun-05 00:23:33

think so

bubble99 Sun 26-Jun-05 00:24:02

With you......Carry on.

jampots Sun 26-Jun-05 00:25:25

well, I planned on doing nothing about it yet but did tell my one uncle who lives close by (mums brother) of my findings. Everyone was convinced the house/farm belonged to the uncle living there. Anyway, to cut a long story short we can start the ball rolling which is the good bit but the bad bit is my uncle died yesterday and another good bit is he didnt leave a will! I havent seen him for 33 years!

HappyHuggy Sun 26-Jun-05 00:26:32

so you might get rich????

(sorry about your uncle)

jampots Sun 26-Jun-05 00:26:44

err... you've all gone quiet!

lockets Sun 26-Jun-05 00:26:47

Message withdrawn

jampots Sun 26-Jun-05 00:27:33

to be honest Im not going to grieve for someone I didnt know (money aside). I feel sorry for my 2 remaining uncles as they have lost their brother but I truly didnt know him.

kcemum Sun 26-Jun-05 00:27:46

Sorry about your uncle

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