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has anyone noticed...

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jangus Sat 25-Jun-05 23:36:17

Bubble99 around?

Haven't seen her posting in a while and was wondering if all was OK.


lockets Sat 25-Jun-05 23:37:58

Message withdrawn

jangus Sat 25-Jun-05 23:40:57

I have been a busy bunny.
went back to school, not to work but just to go in and see folk again. it was really scarey but I survived. I then went on a 3 day hike with 54 pupils who are training for their duke of ed, don't worry it wasn't too hard going.
so with all this happening, i haven't been able to post.
however, when i was in school i looked up MN, and I am delighted to say that it isn't blocked... or maybe on second thoughts that's a bad thing.

how are you doing?

lockets Sat 25-Jun-05 23:46:17

Message withdrawn

jangus Sat 25-Jun-05 23:50:56

Thanks, yep it has been really hard, both going into school and the hike!
i had to do it sometime and i know it would have been harder in september, so the sensible thing to do was to go in now.
Feel quite drained with it all now.
pupils were brilliant. even when i was walking down the corridors the pupils made a real point of waving and saying hello to me, which was really sweet. I know that they have been upset for us.
But, this week I am heading to the o2 concert in hyde park which i am looking forward to. might even fit in a wee bit of shopping!
keep well lockets.
much love XxX

MrsGordonRamsay Sat 25-Jun-05 23:52:51

Hey you,

Thank you for my birthday E............

Mail that is folks, so happy to see you here.

lockets Sat 25-Jun-05 23:54:06

Message withdrawn

lockets Sat 25-Jun-05 23:57:02

Message withdrawn

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 26-Jun-05 00:00:19


You beat me to it

jangus Sun 26-Jun-05 00:00:25

oooohh where???

lockets Sun 26-Jun-05 00:01:26

Message withdrawn

bubble99 Sun 26-Jun-05 00:02:26

Here, there and bloomin' everywhere I thought I might show my face in the gardening section with a flamey post but then realised that I know B all about gardening.

jangus Sun 26-Jun-05 00:03:31

you haven't been around for a wee while, have you been hiding?

bubble99 Sun 26-Jun-05 00:12:10

I finally decided to tackle the swamp-like conditions we've been living in for the past few months. So, for the past few days I've been tackling one room after another. Finished yesterday and noticed that the first room I'd cleaned/tidied has reverted to swamp again. Thought about attacking it again tonight, sat down, thought 'sod it' and switched on PC.
Good to be back, in a swampy kind of way.

jangus Sun 26-Jun-05 00:20:55

good to see you back. If you fancy you could come over to NI and have a wee run at my house, it's in bad need of a turn!
we have boought a house, yipee!
i'm off to bed now.
big belly is full after luuuurrvellly indian meal tonight... and not off our knees but in a proper restaurant!!!!!!
keep in touch
much love to all bubble family
with special kisses to little Bo. XxX

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 26-Jun-05 00:26:10

'scuse me Missus Jangus

That house is bleedin massive, does it come with staff ????


bubble99 Sun 26-Jun-05 00:27:16

That looks fab jangus! I'm so pleased you've got it all sorted. Life will be on the up and up for you now

bubble99 Sun 26-Jun-05 00:30:28

Oi! Ramsay! jangus has hired your old man as a chef and shouter at cold callers.

We shall have to call her Lady Jangus from now on or she'll throw her tiara at us.

It's lovely jangus and I hope you and Mark will have many happy years there.


jangus Sun 26-Jun-05 00:31:07

ahhhh all making sense now LGJ... hold on going to give you a wee email!
PS it's layyydeeey jangus from now on.
(it doesn't look that big in real life, the artist was pressing towards the generous side!)

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 26-Jun-05 00:31:15



MrsGordonRamsay Sun 26-Jun-05 00:32:37


Still........... artist or no artist..........not worthy

jangus Sun 26-Jun-05 00:32:44

ta bubble, youre a wee honey!

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 26-Jun-05 00:33:57

No way

jangus Sun 26-Jun-05 00:34:10

mrsgr.... remember sssshhhhhhh!
nighty night XxX

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 26-Jun-05 00:34:17

Oh my giddy aunt

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