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well done charlotte church and her belly

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mogwai Sat 25-Jun-05 19:19:54

I am REALLY CHUFFED that Charlotte Church is flaunting her gorgeous little pot belly in her new video. She's a lovely-looking girl of 18 who doesn't feel the need to be stick thin.

This is such a great example to set to her peers. I think her belly is tops! Anyone agree???

katierocket Sat 25-Jun-05 19:20:34


Davros Sat 25-Jun-05 19:55:03

I like her, she seems quite "normal"!

KBear Sun 26-Jun-05 22:19:04

I said the same thing to DH when she was on TOTP or something today. Hope she stays confident in herself and doesn't bow to the pressure of the press to be stick thin.

I think she is getting her life together well considering the childhood she's had - good luck to her.

And me and DD love the song!

fishfinger Sun 26-Jun-05 22:19:30

no put the fat muffin tops away

hidingbehindaname Sun 26-Jun-05 22:20:56

yes she is gorgeous.

fishfinger Sun 26-Jun-05 22:21:20

The fat bulging over the top in conjunction with stretch marks which usually are present in the area, present a look which is reminiscent
of a baked muffin popping out of a muffin case. Women who have
children that expose a midriff with that "lumpy" texture is another
one that makes one stare in astonishment.

fishfinger Sun 26-Jun-05 22:21:39

lol form the web

joash Sun 26-Jun-05 22:22:08

'FF' - meow!!!

tamum Sun 26-Jun-05 22:22:30

Snort, I was just wondering how you'd come over all literary all of a sudden

mogwai Sun 26-Jun-05 22:28:39

I love all those fishfinger posts.

They sometimes make VAGUE sense! Always inpired.

You go girl! Muffin tops - hilarious.

But you gotta admit....she sets a good example.

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